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Software dedicated to complementary medicine practitioners.
LCA 590 allows simple management of your services, with a certified billing system for Tariff 590.
A flexible solution thanks to a choice of additional functionalities as required, such as integrated general accounting or appointment management.

LCA 590, tailored to your requirements

A customised turnkey solution.
Accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone / customer portal.
Automate your daily administrative tasks.


Management of a complementary or independent medical practice

Whether you practice osteopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy or any other alternative medicine therapy, you can easily manage your various services, patients and suppliers as well as your stock with one central tool.

You invoice your services and consultations according to Tariff 590 and easily check the status of all payments.

Our LCA 590 – 01 to – 31 packages

LCA 590-01 :

Features :

– 2 usesrs
– Services
– Billing

LCA 590-11 :

Features :

– 2 users
– Services
– Billing
– Accounting

LCA 590-21 :

Features :

– 2 users
– Services
– Billing
– Accounting
– Planning (Agenda)
– Expense reports

LCA 590-31 :

Features :

– 2 users
– Services
– Billing
– Accounting
– Planning (Agenda)
– Expense reports
– RH-Employees
– Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

1. An audit

2. Definition of the specifications

3. Implementation

Advantages of LCA 590

Invoicing 590

LCA 590 allows you to generate invoices in the format defined by Tariff 590, a standard that came into force on 1 January 2018 with the aim of harmonising the billing of complementary medicine treatments.

An ASCA certified solution.

Gift vouchers

The management of gift vouchers for your services and possible products is included in the software.

LCA 590 Features

Services Management

Complete management of your services, from the definition of the types of services to invoicing and the recording of the services provided.


An integrated, fully automated Tariff 590 billing solution.

Professional formatting invoices are generated using a pre-configured document template. The management of unpaid invoices is done within the software, with automatic reminders for open invoices.

With ISR, QR-code and IBAN invoices.

Possibilities of customising the functions

  • General accounting

  • Analytics

  • Multi-currency
  • Balance sheet
  • VAT statement in just 3 clicks

  • Planning (Agenda)

  • Appointment management
  • Schedule, week, month, year

  • Payments

Invoice payments (suppliers)

  • Supplier invoice payment management
  • Management of payment deadlines
  • Breakdown of purchases by supplier

Bill payments (ISO: 20022)

  • Pain ‘DTA’ (Payment by Bank)
  • OPAE (Payment by Poste)

  • Services-Products


  • Statistical reports


  • Supplier order management
  • Returns management (suppliers)
  • Credit note management (suppliers)
  • Management of open down payments (suppliers)


  • Goods returns management (customers)
  • Credit notes management (customers)
  • Management of open down payments (customers)

  • Time-sheets

  • Definition of benefits, by line and by project
  • Settlement, selection of allocations for billing
  • Linked to activity report, staff schedule

  • Mobile / Expense report

  • Multiple user management
  • Management of daily expenses
  • Integration in accounting, according to the periodic choice

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Import of pdf, xls, word and image documents
  • Linked to CMS for customised forms
  • Linked to Time-Sheets, activity report, staff schedule
  • Linked to website, activity report
  • Newsletters
  • Event management for statistics
  • Integrated mailbox
  • Prospect file

  • HR-Employees (1 to 15 employees)

  • Choice of salary by trade
  • Management of social insurance statements
  • Management of employer’s expenses
  • Insurance documents
  • Sub-ledger accounting
  • Linked with general accounting

  • HR-Time Management

  • Employee time management

  • HR-Planning and holiday balance

  • Schedule, week, month, year, hours count

  • Providers

  • Management of service provider addresses (insurance, bank)