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Happy customers

Enhanced customer service promoting transparency thanks to precise monitoring of interventions, reliable information (expected deadlines, arrival times, etc.) and above all greater responsiveness to customer requests.

Optimised resources

Increased productivity and reduced costs through reports and analysis that allow you to use your resources as efficiently as possible and easily identify areas for improvement.

More safety

Improved safety for your staff and vehicles by reducing the risk of accidents and theft.

Tracking is a technological process that makes it possible to locate an object, a vehicle or a person on a map.

Within MCA Kale, it is already possible to allocate vehicles, machines or people in a project or site planning. This provides an overview of the use of the material and/or personnel available.

By adding geolocation to this management, it also becomes possible to know in real time the position of a vehicle and the person in charge or an item of equipment, which leads to increased management of staff and equipment.

Whether you are in the construction sector, the transport of goods (land, sea, air), the catering industry, the public administration… any activity requiring the use of means of transport (car, truck, boat, scooter, moped, garbage truck, mechanical shovel…) or machines (jackhammer, defibrillators, lawnmower…) can benefit from geolocation.

Tracking allows you to follow the movements of your vehicles in real time on a dynamic virtual map. You can thus observe the progress of interventions and quickly adjust the routes in case of unforeseen events (road accident, new customer request…). You can also check the availability of your vehicles, machines and equipment to assign them to new tasks.

With real-time tracking, you can monitor your vehicles or equipment and be alerted as soon as they leave a pre-defined area. This way, you can prevent losses and react more quickly in case of theft.

Trip histories and activity reports provide details of past interventions, such as travel time, route taken or fuel consumption, helping you to optimise routes for future interventions. This data also helps you to accurately predict when a vehicle will arrive at its destination, allowing you to provide reliable information to your customers.

In addition, the activity reports allow you to maintain your vehicles or equipment by informing you of the kilometres driven and/or the time of use. This way you can guarantee the safety of your work teams by reducing the risk of accidents caused by the use of a vehicle in poor condition.

Finally, indicators such as journey times, fuel consumption or average speed inform you of the driving behaviour of your teams. You can then request that adjustments be made to reduce the risk of accidents and fuel consumption. Real-time data also allows you to supervise the activities of your teams to ensure that driving and rest times are respected according to the regulations in force.

Some examples of tracking applications

Logo description of 2-wheeled vehicles in the Tracking module of the MCA Concept software

Two-wheeled vehicles

Two-wheelers management for rental services

Two-wheelers monitoring for home meal deliveries

Private two-wheelers monitoring

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Cars and utility vehicles

Field staff management for technical and maintenance services

Cargo trucks monitoring

Self-service carts management

Logo description of vehicles and machines in the Tracking module of MCA Concept software

Machinery and equipment

Construction machinery and equipment management

Public service vehicles management for activities such as waste collection or snow removal

Farm machinery management

Logo description of watercraft in the Tracking module of the MCA Concept software


Shipping container monitoring

Management of watercraft for rental services

Monitoring of private watercraft

Logo description And much more from the Tracking module of MCA Concept software

And much more…

Monitoring of valuable assets on the move

Protection of lone workers

Management of equipment for aeronautical recreation

Material used by MCA Concept

We use different geolocation terminals:

1) Dedicated to vehicles: plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic (OBD) socket and is powered by the vehicle’s battery.

2) Equipped with an internal battery, it is autonomous in all circumstances. For example, for the geolocation of a container or other inert material.

3) Equipped with a camera, which provides a video stream and thus valuable additional information about the geolocated item.

Our solutions for you

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Suitable for large businesses

– Ideal for enterprises having well-defined positions with different levels of access according to user roles.
– More advanced modules such as planning and reporting.

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For entrepreneurs and artisans

– Adapted to the needs of artisans or entrepreneurs looking for optimal management, which simplifies recurring processes with automated functionalities.
– Automatic processes save time and provide good visibility.