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MCA Mole port management software logo

Software adapted to the needs of port activities.
MCA Mole offers a global view of the harbour plan by indicating the availability and reservations of berths.
Clear visual identification of remaining vacancies by uploading a photo of the port directly into the software.

MCA Mole, tailored to your demands

A customised turnkey solution.
Accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone / customer portal.
Automate your daily administrative tasks.

Illustration of MCA Mole applications: Marinas


Management of a marina

The original application of MCA Mole is a visual management, via a map, a satellite image or the plan of a port.

Each mooring location is managed individually and the main information is displayed simply by selecting the location. The boat owner’s data, the boat data and the name of the location are accessible.

This management method can easily be applied to visitor or wintering places.

Illustration of MCA Mole applications: Port map

Management of a cargo port

This management system can easily be extended to freight ports, with management of the different loading and unloading docks, according to a schedule. You clearly define which ship docks, which goods are unloaded and where they are to be stored.

Employees and machines can be assigned to each arrival. This means that you have improved overall management and know exactly what is available in terms of personnel and equipment when planning.

Management of a private car park

Using a photo or plans of a private car park, you can manage the different parking spaces and the associated vehicles and owners.

Management of storage facilities

A plan of the different storage locations can be made with MCA Mole. Whether it is a simple room, a shed or a more complex structure, the principle remains the same.

Each cupboard, shelf or location has its own name and other information such as the type of product stored, the quantity or the supplier data. It is also possible, for example, for a large company to link information such as the machinery used to move this storage or the tonnage in place.

Management of a campsite

Campsites can be displayed on an aerial map of the campsite, classified by type. For example, mobile homes, tents and motorhomes.

This map can then be displayed according to the date, so that it is easy to see which places are rented and which are not. Define who rents them and for how long.

This system can also be integrated into a reservation website to allow visitors to choose the location of their choice in advance.

Management of a municipality’s infrastructure

Communal management can be done using the city map and the communal infrastructure as a basis. Each location may contain information on equipment, stocks of materials or personnel on site.

But it is also possible to manage rentable premises in the municipality, with availability, events and information about the organisers or the equipment provided.

Cemetery management

Grave locations can be displayed on an overview map of the cemetery managed by MCA Mole.

It is also possible to link certain useful information to individual graves.

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1. An audit

2. Definition of the specifications

3. Implementation

The advantages of

Port management software logo MCA MOLE
Image of the erp description


Complete standard administrative management, with :
– possibility of adding taxes or discounts (tourist tax or a discount for regular visitors),
– invoices defined for the rental period and automatically generated according to the parameters set, depending on the type of boat place or the size of the boat.

Image of the crm description


Records of all interactions with customers or prospects, with contact management and history of communications and actions. Also includes:
– possibility of associating moorings and boats to your customers,
– visualisation of the environment, via a photo or the plans of your port, for the location of the boats,
– overview of the owner’s name as well as the technical information of the boat available from the photo or the plans of your port.

image of the cms description


Model contracts or standard letters for correspondence with your contacts linked directly to the files, with the possibility of including annexes.

Image of the agenda and schedule description

Agenda and schedule

All planning management, from employee schedules to managing the maintenance of port facilities.

Through this module, you manage the space and availability of moorings for visiting customers, with a clear visual of the availability.

Image of the description of the equipment available

Equipment at your disposal

Naturally, you can benefit from tablets or smartphones for mobility and access to your data at any time and any place.

The Features of

Port management software logo MCA MOLE

Place management

You generate all the berths in your harbour: rental berths, visitor berths, winter berths, private parking spaces and others.

You associate spaces with your customers. Customer data is expanded, starting with personal data, then contact and billing data.

Each customer is also associated with a boat which contains information such as type, make, model and registration.

You have access to a graphical interface, map or satellite image, which allows you to have a global view of your port. You can easily and efficiently manage the places in your port in real time.


Invoices are defined for the rental period and are generated automatically according to the parameters you set, depending on the type of space or the size of the boat.

VAT management is easy because it is integrated into the software and can be configured according to the standards in force.

Other taxes or discounts may be added, such as tourist tax or a discount for regular visitors.

Professional formatting invoices are generated using a pre-configured document template. The management of unpaid invoices is done within the software itself and reminders are as easy to use as the invoices themselves.

Employee management

Employees are also integrated into MCA Mole, and salaries and related deductions can be defined.

The hours can be managed in different ways: either fixed hours, or with a stamper connected to the software, or manual time insertion.

Holidays, paid leave and justified or unjustified absences are all integrated and can be set up according to your rules.


The accounting is integrated into your management: no need to re-enter all the data for the various balance sheets. MCA Mole integrates all accounts and manages inputs, outputs and expenses.


The management reports will allow you to analyse the data collected by MCA Mole. You can format them as you wish to remove the elements that interest you.

You will be able to plan for peak and off-peak periods and ensure that you have the right staff for each period, as well as plan for facility overhauls at off-peak times.


MCA Mole also integrates schedule management. Whether it’s employee schedules or port facility maintenance management, you manage the various agendas within the software.

It is in the schedules that you will be able to program the revisions and maintenance works in margin of the high frequentation periods.

Communication with tenants

You have the possibility to generate automatic emails and sms that allow you to communicate with your boaters. You can easily inform them of all the news that will be useful to them: changes in port regulations, new facilities available, storm warnings, etc.

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