Customer relations

Customer relations

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Questionnaires, polls or surveys creation

More simplicity

A form editor (blank or template) integrated into the software to create surveys, questionnaires, service forms, etc., without any coding knowledge required.

Customised forms

Customisation options allow you to create forms that reflect your company’s brand.

Data analysis

Responses immediatly collected by the CRM for accurate data analysis via reports and statistics.

With this module you can easily create all kinds of questionnaires, polls or surveys, such as :
– satisfaction surveys,
– questionnaires for prospects,
– after-sales service requests for the maintenance of a product or an installation.

You can either create a blank form or create a form from a pre-defined template.

In the case of a blank form, you first prepare the fields to be filled in. With a template, the fields of the form are already defined and can be modified as you wish. All you have to do is write the different questions while adding checkboxes, buttons, drop-down lists or text fields.

The appearance of your form can be customised with a theme and logos.

Once completed, you share your form by e-mail or make it accessible via a customer account. People who have an account will then find the form you have created in their spaces.

You can give respondents the option of attaching photos or documents to the form, which is particularly useful for SAV forms.

The answers to the forms are collected by the connected CRM to feed the customer or prospect files and can be analysed via reports and statistics.

If a form is partially filled in by a customer without being completed, an automatic reminder informs the customer that they still have to fill in the missing data and validate the form.

Our solutions for you

Suitable for large businesses

– Ideal for enterprises having well-defined positions with different levels of access according to user roles.
– More advanced modules such as planning and reporting.

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For entrepreneurs and artisans

– Adapted to the needs of artisans or entrepreneurs looking for optimal management, which simplifies recurring processes with automated functionalities.
– Automatic processes save time and provide good visibility.