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Guest Access
Limited access for people outside the company and employees

Guest Access provides your employees or people outside your company secure access to a variety of information and documents.

Those eligible for guest access include:
– customers (access to invoices and orders history and current orders status, after-sales questionnaires, as well as a space to report any problem regarding a product or service),
– suppliers (access to delivery times),
– service providers (access to contracts and other documents concerning them),
– prospects (access to quotes and offers),
– employees (access to working hours, days off, holidays, etc.).

Guests can view their information from your site via a private account, which requires a login and password.

Guest Access facilitates exchanges with partners and people outside your company and promotes the secure sharing of information for greater transparency.

Our solutions for you

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Suitable for large businesses

– Ideal for enterprises having well-defined positions with different levels of access according to user roles.
– More advanced modules such as planning and reporting.

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For entrepreneurs and artisans

– Adapted to the needs of artisans or entrepreneurs looking for optimal management, which simplifies recurring processes with automated functionalities.
– Automatic processes save time and provide good visibility.