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Time management

Une visibilité accrue

More visibility on your ongoing projects thanks to a clear visual of the tasks to be accomplished and a follow-up of their progress (project planning).

Simplified management of working hours

Better time management for staff with tracking of absences and working hours (HR planning).

More cooperation

The precise definition of roles and tasks and the sharing of schedules promote collaboration between the various participants in a project.

Planning is a process !

Whether for appointments, forecasts, orders, worksheets, timesheets or any other time management: the schedule is an indispensable support.

Project management

The schedule allows you to plan and monitor each of your projects. You define and organise the various tasks to be carried out within the framework of a project and assign deadlines to them. Deadline reminders by e-mail or SMS can be set up. You allocate your human resources (staff, external contributors, etc.) or material resources (vehicles, machines, etc.) to each task.

A Gantt chart allows you to schedule tasks and link them together. In this way, if a certain task takes more or less time than expected, the other related tasks are automatically moved in the schedule. The total duration of the project is also modified accordingly. This saves time as there is no need to shift each task manually when there is a change in the schedule.

You can see the progress of your project tasks on the schedule. In this way, you are kept informed of what has been achieved and what needs to be done and you monitor the progress of each step. The schedule allows you to be quickly informed of any delays or unforeseen events and to make the necessary adjustments.

Not only do you have a clear overview of the entire project in progress, but you are also able to adjust the schedule at any time.

In addition, the schedule can be shared so that the various parties involved in a project have an overview of said project in order to better coordinate their operations and avoid conflicts.

You manage user access rights to define who is allowed to edit a schedule.

Staff management

The schedule is also useful for personnel management. The staff planning includes working hours, tasks to be performed, appointments, availability, absences, leaves and public holidays.

You can see these different elements on the schedule. You review the work assigned to an employee or check his or her availability to assign a new task. You monitor the working hours to ensure that the obligations defined for the employee in question are met.

The items on the schedule can be filtered to show only the information that interests you. For example, you can choose to display only appointments or absences, or to view only assigned work and availability.

The schedule can be drawn up by any user with the necessary access rights, whether it is a manager or the employee.

Reminders can be set to notify of an appointment or other event in the schedule.


You plan one-off or recurring appointments and events using the diary. Automatic reminders notify you when an appointment or other event is approaching. Agendas can be shared to check the availability of employees for the purpose of organising meetings, for example.

Schedules and diaries can be displayed according to day, week, month, year, with a countdown of hours. A search bar allows you to search the schedule, for example to find a specific appointment.

Logo description of the MCA Kale Planning


Possibility to link it with the module of your choice.

  • Linked to the purchase or sales modules
  • Connected to CRM, event management
  • Linked to the CMS, management of the web pages and products of the Shop
  • Linked to human resources, management of holidays, holidays, etc…
  • Week, month, year and hourly agenda with working time recording
Logo description of the MCA Kale Planning

Human resources

HR-Time Management

  • Production time management
  • Employee time management
  • Time clock, badges Legic
  • HR-Planning and holiday balance
  • Week, month, year and hourly agenda with working time recording

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