Activity report and statistics

Instant reports and statistics

Reports and statistics generated in an instant from a large volume of data from multiple sources.

Better visibility of data

Simplified access to real-time data, with the ability to filter information by period, date, managers and more.

Customisable presentation

Various presentation formats for your management and statistical reports for a simple and understandable presentation of the results.

Reporting is the process of compiling information related to a company’s activities based on data search and analysis.

The reporting tools provide the possibility to generate management and statistical reports in graphical or tabular form from data collected in the software.

You can format them as you wish and filter the results to remove the elements that interest you.

The main purpose of reporting is to measure the performance of your services and to highlight areas for improvement. Of course, the data measured depends entirely on your type of activity.

Some examples of data that can be analysed are :

Sales : You find out about your sales performance, see which product is the most popular or which shop or department makes the most sales, look at how often a particular customer buys…

Projects : You review your past projects to study and compare completion times, problems encountered, margin achieved, etc. in order to identify areas for improvement in future projects.

Customers : You analyse your customer database (contact details, data on products/services purchased/used…) to extract customer trends in order to increase customer satisfaction and carry out marketing campaigns.

After-sales service : You study after-sales requests and complaints in order to identify common reasons for requests or complaints and to improve your service accordingly.

Surveys : Satisfaction survey or poll responses collected by the software can be analysed to highlight trends.

Thanks to the reporting, you benefit from a global view of your data which allows you to make informed decisions.

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