Our Software by Profession

MCA Kale is our business management software. Each module developed by our programmers is implemented in MCA Kale.

We define together the necessary and/or desired modules for optimal management, as each company has its own requirements and needs.

Our experience in different areas of business management has enabled us to specialise MCA Kale and optimise it for each of these areas. Thus we gave birth to a suite of software by profession.

We have defined the requirements for the choice of modules for professionals according to their trades. Some modules have been specialised, others more specific have been designed for them.

This allows us today to offer you dedicated software for each profession. A personalised turnkey solution, accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone/customer portal.

Logo MCA Bati management software

MCA Bati

Dedicated to building trades : Plasterer-painter, Masons, Tilesetters, Carpenters and others

Logo MCA Flame management software

MCA Flame

Dedicated to Sanitary and Heating engineers

Logo MCA Fidu management software

MCA Fidu

Specialised for fiduciary management, with digitisation of all standardised documents

Logo MCA Bike management software

MCA Bike

For bike management, be it a shop, repair shop or rental management.

Logo MCA Books management software

MCA Books

Designed for libraries and bookshops

MCA Restau

For restaurants, with cash register software linked to the accounting system.

LogoMCA Notaire management software

MCA Notaire

Specialised in the requirements and constraints of Swiss notaries

Logo MCA Avocat management software

MCA Avocat

Specialised in the management of lawyers and law firms, according to the Swiss requirements in this field.

Logo MCA Fondation management software

MCA Fondation

Designed for the management of associations and foundations

Logo MCA Mole management software

MCA Mole

Optimised for the management of marinas and commercial harbours, with interactive map of the berths.

Logo MCA Shop management software

MCA Shop

Optimised for online shop management, with stock management in the backoffice