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MCA Mole – for marinas

Juin 28, 2021

Efficiently manage your marina berths with a visual harbour map showing availability and reservations for each berth, and easily generate rental period invoices according to predefined parameters.

A tool that can easily be applied to the management of cargo ports, car parks, campsites or cemeteries.

Image MCA Books bookshop library management

MCA Books – for libraries and bookshops

Juin 4, 2021

Simplified management of large quantities of books through a centralised system, with meticulous tracking of orders and loans without risk of data loss.

If you have an online shop, connect it directly to MCA Books and optimise your daily tasks.

Electronic document management

Mai 28, 2021

Manage your documents electronically in cloud file storage and forget about storage space issues. You can create your own templates for invoices, contracts, surveys or letters to customers and employees.

Evaluate customer experience through customer service questionnaires, with user responses automatically collected and analysed in the connected CRM.

Image CRM Customer Relations

Customer relationship management

Mai 21, 2021

Identify and segment your customers according to their needs and interests using the information collected by the CRM tool of MCA Kale. This will allow you to set up targeted processes and increase customer satisfaction.

The road to customer retention starts with listening and knowing what your prospects want.

Tablet with Cloud technology concept

Cloud software, the solution to adopt ?

As you know, the cloud is now omnipresent in the private sphere. But over the years, it has also taken its place at the heart of companies. If you want to reduce your IT infrastructure costs or are looking for a management solution that grows with your business,...

MCA Colibri – For craftsmen and self-employed

Mai 7, 2021

From products to invoicing and payment accounting, you can manage your business with ease thanks to a quick-to-learn tool with an intuitive interface.

For time saving and an optimal management of your company at advantageous costs.

Image Bati Management Building

MCA Bati – For the building trades

Avr 30, 2021

Precise monitoring of worksites with a history of the work carried out as well as daily reports, you can easily plan your work and revisions while benefiting from simple management of estimates, requests for assistance or complaints.

Let yourself be surprised by the latest features.

Image Flame Sanitary Management Heating

MCA Flame – For heating and sanitary engineers

Avr 23, 2021

Easy planning of installation, maintenance and repair services thanks to precise scheduling of appointments and a billing system that allows you to easily manage services on a subscription basis.

Discover the innovations of MCA Flame.

Image Invoice Management from MCA Kale


Avr 9, 2021

Simple and clear invoice management, you can easily check the status of all payments and automatically turn a quote into an invoice.

The solution adapted to your expectations by a multidisciplinary professional team.

Image Human Resources Management in MCA Kale

Personnel management and consultation

Avr 1er, 2021

Avoid stress and save time by using a centralized tool to manage work hours, schedule and distribute tasks to employees and process payroll.

Our team of technicians is always available to answer any doubts or concerns you may have and, above all, to support you in the digitalisation of your operational processes.

Tablet with Cloud technology concept

The right material to be the champion

Just as ski and Formula 1 equipment has changed over time to offer more speed and control to athletes, work methods and tools have evolved to optimise business performance. Having the right tools helps to ensure the competitiveness of your company!

Deadline for the Neuchâtel IV offices on 31 March 2021?

From April 1st, all IV providers in the Neuchâtel region will no longer be able to send paper invoices. MCA Kale is certified by MediData to generate e-bills for DI offices. Electronic invoicing, or e-billing, will soon become a federal requirement for all commercial relations.

digital transformation process

The Business Process Revolution

Digitalisation is the transformation of a paper document into digital data. The data will then be visible from a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Digital information, which can also be called digital, is coded information. Digital technology, particularly in today's...

cloud-based technology


Today, the Cloud is becoming essential at the private level (storage of family photos, contact management). Enterprises are following this digital revolution, in spite of themselves, but the demands of social networks and websites in the fields of web communication...

Mobile expense reports

Expense claims, multi-platform !

New application will allow you to manage your expense claims in a simple and organised way during all your travels through all existing platforms (material support). The mobile module allows you to manage your tickets (expense claims) via smartphone in just three...

Supplementary health software

KALE LCA-590 for Health Complementary Medicine

KALE LCA-590 for Health Complementary Medicine As you know, on 1 January 2018, a new invoicing process will be started on a obligatory basis to ensure transparency and speed in the processing of invoices by the health insurance funds in accordance with standard 590....

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