Additional modules

Modules that can be added to our software

Software clustering to meet business requirements

MCA Kale integrates various modules designed to optimise the management of your business. Three main blocks form the core of MCA Kale and its various business applications: ERP, CRM and CMS. A multitude of additional modules enrich this base for a complete management of your activity.

ERP manages all of the company’s financial flows, starting with purchases from suppliers, inventory management and sales. But it also manages the financial aspect of human resources.

CRM enables the collection, processing and analysis of information from customers, suppliers and employees.

CMS is document-oriented and is used for their creation and dynamic updating. It can also be used to generate reports and statistics.

ERP, CRM and CMS as well as secondary modules such as planning, cash register or reporting are all interconnected and communicate perfectly.

MCA Kale can be easily adapted to your needs: you are free to choose the secondary modules you wish to integrate into your management solution to benefit from the best range of functionalities.

As your business evolves over time, existing modules can be added or removed from the software at any time. This way, you benefit from a flexible management solution that always meets your needs.

To summarize


MCA Kale offers a complete range of management software solutions to meet the specific needs of a variety of businesses and trades.

Our solution covers all aspects of business management, from measuring financial flows to managing customer data and dynamic content.

Le cœur de notre offre réside dans notre système ERP, qui orchestre efficacement les opérations financières, la gestion des stocks et des ventes, ainsi que les ressources humaines.

CRM enables you to capture, process and analyze crucial information from customers, suppliers and employees, thereby strengthening customer relations.

Le CMS est votre allié pour créer, mettre à jour dynamiquement et partager des contenus, tout en générant des rapports et statistiques.

Our software is interconnected within an integrated system, ensuring seamless communication between all modules.

You can customize your solution with our wide range of features, such as time management, automatic reminders, form creation, geolocation, and much more.

Our commitment is to provide you with flexible solutions that grow with your business. You’re free to choose and add the modules you need at any time, enabling your management software to adapt quickly to the changing needs of your business.

Choose MCA Kale and enjoy the benefits of a complete management tool, adapted to your needs, evolving with your business, and optimizing every aspect of your web activity.