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Structure your data, reduce the administrative burden and increase responsiveness with a comprehensive and flexible solution tailored to your business

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With MCA Kale

Manage your business with peace of mind

It is difficult to manage projects, resources or budgets without stress or frustration when information is misplaced or disparate and tools are no longer adequate.

Everyone ends up overloaded, reports are incomplete, deadlines are missed and clients are unhappy.

With MCA Kale, the Swiss business management software, your data is collected and structured in one place. You quickly retrieve and analyse the information you need. All your projects are visible in a stable and scalable work tool.

The workload is reduced, data is classified, progress is measurable and deadlines are met.

All the data at your fingertips

Have all information at your disposal in real time, whether it is financial, HR or commercial data (turnover, customer data, prices, staff availability, etc.)

Benefit from decision support for greater responsiveness in your business strategy.

Generate reliable balance sheets, reports and statistics in a few clicks.

More responsiveness

Structure and digitise your administrative, operational, financial and accounting processes.

Automate recurring tasks to reduce the amount of handling and data entry required.

Meet your deadlines by reducing the administrative burden and accurately tracking the progress of ongoing tasks.

Your customisable solution

Work on a tailor-made and agile platform with all the features you need.

Customise these features as your company grows.

MCA Kale

A solution that meets all your needs

MCA Kale is a comprehensive Swiss business management software. It acts as accounting software as well as billing software or time management software. It allows you to organise your different processes and analyse your needs in real time.

Hosted in the cloud, this Saas software integrates both an ERP system for managing financial flows (sales, purchases, salaries, etc.) and a CRM system for customer relations.

These management tools help set up smooth workflows across all departments in your company. The dematerialisation of management processes makes it possible to automate them and to centralise the information system.

In other words, you have a structured data source. You can retrieve and process information from your customers, employees, projects or transactions much faster.

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Suitable for all types of businesses

The MCA Kale software solution is aimed at both large companies and SMEs.

If you are part of a very small company or are self-employed, you can consult the MCA Colibri solution, more adapted to your type of company.

Key features

Complete management of your business

The MCA Kale management software includes a number of essential features. Accounting and finance, purchasing and sales management, customer relationship management, HR management, analytics, inventory management, project management… everything you need to automate tedious tasks and effectively control every aspect of your business.

Various modular functionalities for the Swiss management software

Advanced features for comprehensive management


Easy integration and broad compatibility

  • Quick and easy addition of modules and services, based on a single database
  • Extensive interoperability with your third-party applications, your e-commerce tool, different OS (Windows, Mac, Android and Linux) and your third-party machines

Cloud computing and dematerialisation of processes

  • Access to data anywhere and anytime
  • Reduced infrastructure costs (IT equipment)

Complies with legislation & regulations

  • Accounting and management of your operations in accordance with the latest legal standards.
  • Compliance with ISO 20022, RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation), invoice with QR-Code, etc.

Shared work platform

  • Synchronisation of documents and data with change history
  • Different levels of access according to established profiles

Scalability and continuous improvement

  • New features and regular application enhancements, which support good business practices and improve your operations
  • New services offered in line with customer needs, market and technology trends


  • Customisable and accessible (mobile, tablet, PC/Mac)
  • Multilingual interface, adaptable to your company’s taste and colours (FR, EN, DE, IT)

High security, protection, availability and confidentiality of your data

Backup, access rights, data storage in Switzerland in a secure private cloud is a priority for MCA, bringing you :

  • Increased confidence of your customers, suppliers and employees
  • Reputation maintained

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Publisher of management solutions since 1996, MCA Concept is an expert in business organisation and software development.

Our team is at your side to implement the management solution that suits you. We deploy the best processes to help you save time and improve performance.

As customer proximity is a priority, we assist you free of charge in your daily management. This can be done by telephone, video conference, e-mail or face to face.

Modular solution

A variety of specific modules for your company

Three main blocks form the basis of the Swiss business management software MCA Kale: ERP, CRM and CMS. A multitude of specific modules enrich this database for a complete management.
Together, these modules cover your company’s activities, from logistics and human resources to accounting and project management.

MCA Kale is a customisable management solution, which means that the various existing modules can be added or removed from the software according to the specific needs of the company. You therefore benefit from a tailor-made and flexible management solution that can evolve over time.

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Is the software available as a perpetual license or as a subscription (SaaS mode) ?

Our software is available on a subscription basis only. This model allows you to benefit from regular updates and to change the number of users or features included in the software at any time.

Is there a maximum number of users allowed per subscription ?

No, you can add as many users as you like. In addition, you can change the number of users included in your subscription at any time.

Do I have to pay extra for assistance ?

No, you get free telephone support, whether you have a problem or a question about the software processes. In addition, you have access to online guides that will explain how to perform certain operations within the software. You can also ask for a specific guide to be made available to you.

Is it possible to develop specific features for my company ?

Our solutions are tailor-made which means that our developers can create or modify features and set up specific processes according to your needs.