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The power of artificial intelligence

Algorithms take care of recurring, tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks, such as managing recurring invoices, reminders for unpaid invoices or filing.

Based on symbolic AI, an approach that aims to simulate human logical reasoning, these algorithms quickly complete given tasks without input or calculation errors, thanks to a series of explicit rules implemented by their programmer.

By taking care of tedious operations, these algorithms relieve you of the administrative burden, avoiding multiple entries of the same data and leaving you free to devote yourself to other, higher-value activities.


All functionalities in a single global solution

ERP, CRM, CMS and complementary modules combined in a single solution to manage all the company’s activities. The various modules communicate perfectly with each other thanks to a single database.

Your company’s departments no longer have to work on their own information systems, isolated from each other. No more sharing files by e-mail or re-entering data that already exists elsewhere: the information is automatically transmitted to the departments that need it.

This avoids a great loss of time and numerous input or calculation errors, divergent or obsolete information or redundant information.


Streamlined and simplified processes

The various processes in your company are refined and automated to save you time. For example, the path from creating an offer for a product to collecting the invoice is simplified:


  1. You create the offer,
  2. You generate a supplier purchase order from the quotation based on out-of-stock goods,
  3. Once the goods have been received and the order prepared for delivery, you generate a customer delivery note,
  4. You also generate the invoice,
  5. When the invoice is paid, you receive the invoice collection document sent by the bank.

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To summarize


At MCA Concept, we understand that managing a business is a complex challenge. That’s why we offer you the best online business management software, designed to simplify accounting, invoicing, task management, customer relations, project management, cash flow and much more.

Company management is essential to the success of any organization, large or small. A robust accounting software is an indispensable tool for managing financial data precisely and efficiently. However, effective management is more than just accounting. That’s why our ERP and CRM software offer a multitude of functionalities to meet the unique needs of companies. Whether you need an invoicing tool to manage your financial transactions, or a project management solution to track and optimize ongoing initiatives, our software solutions are designed to offer you complete, simplified management. With MCA Concept, you have at your disposal a integrated solution that covers all aspects of business management, from accounting to project management, enabling you to thrive in an ever-changing business environment.

Our ERP and CRM solutions integrate advanced functionalities to help you manage your data, resources and finances seamlessly. Whether you run a large company or an SME, our tools are tailored to your business size.

With our online software, accessible from anywhere, you can optimize the management of your online business, collaborate effectively with your users, issue professional invoices and create online quotes in the blink of an eye.

When you choose MCA Concept, you’re opting for a complete solution that simplifies your day-to-day operations, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters: the growth and success of your business. Don’t let running your business get in the way of your progress. Choose the MCA Concept solution and transform your business for the better. Choisissez la solution MCA Concept et transformez votre entreprise pour le mieux.