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Implement management software that meets the challenges of your business sector, simplify your business processes and save time on your administrative operations.

Business software for your specific needs

No more stress caused by calculation and input errors in files, information lost in the exponential mass of documents and e-mails, unpaid invoices, accumulated delays in projects, reports based on obsolete data…

SaaS business solutions help you to manage your activities with peace of mind, from products or services to human resources, accounting and customer relations, while increasing your productivity.

Find out which management software package is right for your industry.

  • Collaborative work platform
  • Unique database
  • Overview of your company’s activities
  • Automated processes
  • Real-time statistics and activity reports
  • Cloud-based and SaaS solutions
  • ERP, CRM and more in one tool
Logo of the MCA Concept Industry family of solutions.

Trade software
for the industrial sector

Strengthen your manufacturing chain with streamlined processes, real-time visibility into your inventory and automated resource management based on your orders.

Simplify the administration of your projects with case management. The various information concerning a project (orders, materials consumed, costs, etc.) are gathered in one place. The management of products by batch or range number guarantees better traceability.

Purple logo representing a shop with shopping baskets and a cadis

Trade software
for the retail trade

Carry out your transactions in an intuitive touchscreen cash register software for commercial management. The daily settlement is done automatically to simplify the accounting operations.

Advanced inventory management allows you to monitor inventory status and movements in real time. Analytics allows you to generate statistics and management reports on the sales made, in shop or on your e-commerce site.

Logo of the MCA Concept family of Non-Profit solutions

Trade software
for non-profit organisations

Simplified management of donations and their allocation to your various projects. The CRM compiles the various information per file and contact and traces the history of monetary flows.

Bring together all the information of each member, whether a member, donor or volunteer, in one place. Contact details, donation history and various communications.

Logo of the MCA Concept building solutions family

Trade software
for the building sector

Benefit from comprehensive project management to plan and monitor your various works or buildings. The monetary view allows you to control the costs associated with a project, whether for raw materials, labor, subcontracting, and so on.

A precise planning system to assign each task and equipment to the right team. You monitor the progress of projects, keeping deadlines under control.

Logo of the MCA Concept City family of solutions

Trade software
for the field of administration

Centralise information in a single solution for greater visibility and reduced administration. Your data is stored securely in the cloud.

Produce compliant documents for your various administrative tasks in just a few clicks. The customer portal enables your constituents to consult the documentation concerning them directly from your online platform.

Logo of the MCA Concept family of transport solutions

Trade software
for the transport sector

Have complete records of all your vehicles, whether they are trucks for goods deliveries, vehicles undergoing repairs or rental bikes, moored boats, etc. Description of the vehicle, type, size, repair history and other characteristics.

Also manage your customers, with tracking of quotes or orders, management of contacts, contracts and other related documents, invoicing parameters and compilation of various communications.cations.

Logo of the MCA Concept Legal family of solutions

Trade software
for the legal field

Benefit from extensive file management and accounting. A complete overview per file with documentation, contacts, planning, communications with clients and billing follow-up.

Simplify the billing of your services by integrating all your fee agreements. Define rates per client or file and invoice one client for several files or several clients in one file.

Logo of the MCA Concept Health family of solutions

Trade software
for the health sector

Gather your patients’ administrative and medical data in an electronic file. All the information at your fingertips to provide the right treatment.

Manage your various services and their billing according to the standards in force for your profession. Use the schedule to plan appointments, treatments and other tasks.

Other sectors of activity

Can’t find your sector of activity among our business solutions ? MCA Concept’s experience in the development of management software allows it to easily adapt its solutions to any field of activity.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation in order to define the right solution for you.

To summarize


Our ERP, CRM and CMS management software is the all-in-one solution your company needs to optimize its business processes.

Thanks to its advanced functionality and flexible system, our web application enables you to measure and analyze every aspect of your business, from project development to customer data management. Our software package integrates seamlessly into your enterprise system, and offers tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs.

With our management tool, you can streamline your operations, improve collaboration within your company, and get precise measurements of your activities.

This ERP, CRM and CMS solution is designed for all businesses, whatever their sector of activity, and enables optimal management of your content and your customers.

Make the choice of excellence by opting for our integrated management software, your essential partner in the business management market.