Software features

Accessibility and integration of third-party software

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Invoice management
with QR code

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Electronic invoice management

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Electronic document management

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Integration with third-party software

Integration of modules with third-party applications

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Customisable user interface

Choice of themes, colours, font size…

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Adjustment of the theme, the font, the tags…

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MCA-Kale features

Operating system, languages and platforms

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Proprietary vs. open source

Comparison between proprietary and open source software

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ERP Innovation

Benefits of an ERP

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Why an ERP?

Details on ERP and their uses

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Why a CRM?

Details of CRMs and their uses

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Why a CMS?

Details on CMS and their uses

MCA Kale includes a family of ERP, CRM and CMS software as well as complementary modules for the management of all company activities in a single solution. Each of these modules contains powerful features.

From business management to human resources to general and cost accounting, MCA Kale is omnipresent in facilitating and automating business processes.

Main features

Commercial management

  • Follow-up of the various commercial transactions
  • Product and service management
  • Customer and supplier relationship management

Quotation and invoicing

  • Creation of offers, quotes, purchase orders, invoices, etc.
  • Management of e-invoices, ISR and QR invoices
  • Automatic data transmission at each stage

Stock management

  • Real-time stock monitoring
  • Traceability of entries and exits

Contact management

  • Creation and import of contacts
  • Automatic sending of e-mails and SMS

HR Management

  • Management of salaries and social charges
  • Management of contracts, certificates, insurance documents, etc.
  • Management of staff schedules
  • Monitoring of working hours and absences


  • General and analytical accounting
  • Input/output and load management
  • VAT management
  • Simplified input and automatic calculations


  • Generation of reports and statistics from collected data

Project and file management

  • Creation and follow-up of a project or mandate
  • File organisation by folder

To summarize

MCA Kale stands out as a leading Swiss supplier of a comprehensive range of business management solutions.

With its suite of ERP, CRM, CMS and complementary modules, the company offers integrated business management, from sales management to general and cost accounting.

MCA Kale’s key functionalities include commercial transaction management, real-time inventory tracking, customer and supplier relationship management, as well as the creation and tracking of projects and mandates.

With features such as automatic data transmission at every stage and electronic document management, the company simplifies and automates its customers’ business processes.

With its focus onaccessibility, customizable interfaces and seamless integration with third-party applications, MCA Kale offers a complete solution to meet the varied needs of Swiss companies.

Its commitment toinnovation is reflected in the integration of QR and e-bill technologies, offering efficient financial management.

With decades of experience in the field, MCA Kale is the ideal partner for companies looking to optimize their business management with cutting-edge software solutions.