Functionality of our software

Flexible solutions

No more retyping


A team at your disposal

Agile and flexible application

Real-time data access

Software clustering to meet business requirements

Management of all of a company’s financial flows

A grouping of technical tools designed to capture, process and analyse information

A family of software for the design and dynamic updating of documents

Project budget monitoring

Reports, analytics

Planning is a process

Resource management for manufacturing operations

Automatic reminders

Vehicles and equipments tracking

Online booking system

Questionnaires, polls or surveys creation

Limited access for people outside the company and employees

Logo of the Mailing module (Mailbox) of MCA Concept software

Mailbox and mailing

Logo for the Letter Template module of MCA Concept software

Layout and text templates creation

Logo for the Process Guide module of MCA Concept software

Process guidelines (ISO)

Logo of the Cash Registrer module of MCA Concept software

The flexibility of an ERP integrated software package

MCA Concept software mobile application logo

Management of expense reports

Logo of the Web Service module of MCA Kale software

Communication and data exchange between applications

Logo of the Shop module of MCA Concept software

Online shop

Logo of the Cloud module of MCA Concept software

Storage space for your documents

MCA Kale integrates various features designed to optimise the management of your business. Three main blocks form the core of MCA Kale and its various business applications: ERP, CRM and CMS. A multitude of additional modules enrich this base for a complete management of your activity.

ERP manages all of the company’s financial flows, starting with purchases from suppliers, inventory management and sales. But it also manages the financial aspect of human resources.

CRM enables the collection, processing and analysis of information from customers, suppliers and employees.

CMS is document-oriented and is used for their creation and dynamic updating. It can also be used to generate reports and statistics.

ERP, CRM and CMS as well as secondary modules such as planning, cash register or reporting are all interconnected and communicate perfectly.

MCA Kale can be easily adapted to your needs: you are free to choose the secondary modules you wish to integrate into your management solution to benefit from the best range of functionalities.