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Don’t get lost in the administrative maze, automate accounting, invoicing and customer reminders and take advantage of the time you save to focus on what really matters to you.

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Un logiciel de facturation et comptabilité qui vous correspond

MCA Colibri is a flexible solution. This means that you can add or remove the features and modules of your choice, depending on your industry and your needs.

In order to guide you in the choice of your solution, we propose 3 basic versions of the software, with a more or less extensive range of functions. However, these proposals are fully modifiable :

Do you need inventory management ? No problem, this feature can be added to the software. You don’t have any employees at the moment but are planning to increase your workforce in a few years ? The full range of HR functionality can be added to your subscription in due course.

MCA Colibri C-110 to C-130 packages

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  • Product and service management
  • Stock management
  • Bar code management
  • Customer and supplier management
  • Quotations, purchase orders and worksheets
  • Invoices with QR-code
  • Reports and statistics
  • General accounting
  • Sub-ledger accounting
  • VAT statement
  • Payment consolidation
MCA Colibri c-120 accounting software logo with origami bird
  • C-110
  • Time Sheet
  • Payroll management
  • Management of social insurance statements
  • Time management
  • HR-Planning and leave balance
  • Timekeeping
MCA Colibri c-130 accounting software logo with origami bird
  • C-120
  • Project / file management
  • Storage of case-related documents
  • Monetary vision
  • Centralized customer and supplier management
  • Centralized management of receivables and revenues by supplier
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With MCA Colibri

Save time on administrative management

Administrative tasks require a lot of time and attention on a daily basis. Between the legal obligations imposed by the tax authorities, bookkeeping with the recording of accounting documents and the entry of accounting entries or the follow-up of estimates and invoices with payment reminders, it is sometimes difficult to know where to start.

Administrative management is often set aside to prevent projects from being postponed and clients from being neglected. Result: a mass of unpaid invoices, accounts that are not up to date, a late VAT return…

With MCA Colibri, both invoicing and accounting software, your accounting management is simplified by automated processes, both for entry and calculation. In just a few clicks, you draw up administrative and financial documents that comply with the standards in force.

The software offers you more visibility on your quotes, invoices and receipts and allows you to set up automatic reminders for better monitoring of payments.

All of your data is structured and brought together in a single database, your documents are dematerialized to reduce paperwork.

By taking care of tedious operations, the Swiss accounting software relieves you of the administrative burden.

30-40% of time saved
can now be spent on your core business and your customers

Connected accounting

No need to be a chartered accountant, you can manage all your accounting in a simple way with the support of automated processes.

Connect the software directly to your bank and save time on various banking operations.

Use cost accounting to skilfully manage your business.

Commercial management from a to z

Accurately track your quotes, orders and invoices and set up automatic reminders to manage unpaid bills.

Structure your data and consult different information in real time (customer data, products, turnover, etc.).

Easily create offers, invoices and other business documents with professional templates in your company’s colours.

Intuitive and fast

Get to grips with the software straight away without having to go through a laborious start-up process.

Navigate through an intuitive and fast user interface, customisable to your preferences.

Adapt the functionality of your management solution as your business grows.

MCA Colibri

More than just accounting

MCA Colibri is not only an online Swiss accounting software, it actually has many other functions: invoicing software, project management, stock management, product management, customer management, etc.

Instead of having to juggle different software, you have one tool for complete management.

Each feature is designed to allow you to manage your activities in the easiest way possible while maximising your time. With commercial management at its core, including sales and purchasing, product and service management, preparation and follow-up of orders and deliveries, management of customers, suppliers and other contacts, and preparation of commercial documents such as quotes or purchase orders.

If you need to manage employees, the software simplifies the various HR aspects such as salary administration, issuing a salary or work certificate, managing insurance in the event of accidents, etc.

You can even generate activity reports to analyse your management, according to various key indicators. For example, you can review your cash flow and financial statements in dashboards.

The management software is cloud-based to ensure optimal security of your data and to avoid high IT infrastructure costs.

Find the solution for your business

MCA Colibri Swiss accounting software has been developed for self-employed entrepreneurs, start-ups, micro-enterprises and very small businesses.

If your company employs more than ten people, the MCA Kale solution for SMEs and large companies may be more suitable for your needs.

Modular solution

Basic modules included with MCA Colibri

ERP Module

All the classic administrative management of your company, including order forms, delivery notes, invoices and quotes.

CMS Module

Management of commercial documents or accounting documents. Templates for invoices, estimates or correspondence with your contacts, linked directly to the files with the possibility of integrating annexes.

CRM Module

Customer, supplier and employee relationship management, Timesheet for services.

Additional modules

As MCA Colibri is a customizable Swiss accounting software, you can add additional modules to suit your business. Do not hesitate to consult our modules page to see the available modules.

Key benefits for managing your business


High security and protection of your data

Data stored in highly secure servers in Switzerland, regular backups and access protected by user rights :

  • Increased confidence of your customers, suppliers and employees
  • Reputation maintained

Highly scalable and compatible

  • Customisation of modules and functionalities for each need
  • Compatible with all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux and Android) and possible integrations with third party software

Adapted user interface

  • Multilingual functionality (FR, EN, DE, IT), accessible interface
  • Access from various terminals (computer, smartphone, tablet)

Modernised banking relationships

  • Automatic bank reconciliation
  • Simplified bank exchanges through EBICS (PostFinance, Raiffeisen, UBS, etc.)

Scalability and continuous improvement

  • Continuous development of the software, new features and improvements to make your management even easier
  • Listening to customers, offering new products according to needs, market trends and technological innovations

In accordance with the legislation & regulations in force

• Compliance with accounting standards in your financial management
• QR-invoices that comply with the requirements of digital invoice processing, printing on paper or PDF format


Quick to learn and intuitive tool

  • Turnkey cloud-based solution, no installation required
  • Ergonomic interface, for a reduced number of clicks and manipulations

Key features

Simplified administrative work


MCA Colibri is a software that integrates accounting into the entire business process to meet your accounting management needs. Automated processes and calculations simplify the entry of accounting entries and limit the number of manual manipulations required.

When you start up, you can easily enter the choice of chart of accounts, the closing date of the financial year and other accounting parameters.

Don’t panic if you are not a chartered accountant, you can benefit from support in setting up your business, either face to face, by telephone or by e-mail.

There is also an online manual that explains how to use the software and perform specific steps.

VAT management is easy because it is integrated into the software. You can set the applicable VAT rates according to the standards in force.

If required, you can extract accounting information in the form of an Excel file.

Presentation of accounting in MCA Colibri on computer, smartphone and tablet
Product presentation in MCA Colibri

Product and service management

You can easily manage your products or services in the software, with a complete circuit, from the start of operations to invoicing and inclusion in the accounts.

A time-sheet system allows you to record your working hours according to your services, with time accounting and link to invoicing.


Invoicing is fully automated. You can easily prepare a quote or purchase order and generate an invoice from it. The software generates QR invoices that can be printed or emailed in PDF format.

You can also easily create an advance payment or a partial invoice with a few clicks.

Your documents are generated with a professional layout, integrating the mandatory mentions.

As the software strengthens the monitoring of invoicing, you can more easily follow up with customers on unpaid bills, with automatic alerts and reminders.

Presentation of invoices in MCA Colibri

Want to simplify your accounting?

Receive a personalised offer

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A daily presence

At MCA Concept, we favour face-to-face or video-conference contact in order to fully understand your working methods and needs and to set out step by step the different processes that correspond to you.

We listen to your requirements, implement the appropriate features and adjust them to make your work as easy as possible.

Afterwards, we will assist you free of charge on a daily basis to guide you if necessary in your management and accounting.


What is an EBICS connection ?

EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) is a secure communication system that enables you to transfer a payment order directly from your billing software to your bank.

I work with a trustee, can they access my accounts?

It is entirely possible to set up a connection for your trustee. The latter will then be able to access your accounts for the various steps to be taken.

Is the software acquired via a SaaS subscription or via a perpetual licence ?

The Swiss accounting software is available in Saas mode, i.e. as a subscription. The subscription includes access to updates and can be modified at any time in terms of the number of users and features.

Is there a charge for support services ?

Every MCA Concept customer has access to a free hotline. You can contact us by e-mail or telephone if you have any problems or questions. It is also possible to schedule sessions by videoconference or even face-to-face.

In addition, support in the form of an online manual is available to help you understand how to perform various operations.

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Software for large companies

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Software for freelancers and craftsmen

To summarize


In conclusion, our management and accounting solution offers simplified and efficient management for companies in Switzerland and beyond.

Our online software, including our accounting software similar to bexio, is packed with features to meet a wide range of business needs, from invoice management and document creation to customer and product management.

Our platform is designed for SMEs, offering a complete solution for accountants and users of all sizes.

Our aim is to make life easier for companies by offering them high-performance tools for optimal management of their accounting and all their processes.

Discover how we can simplify your business management and improve your operations today with our state-of-the-art accounting and management software.