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Data protection

Data security is a major concern for public administrations that have to manage their citizens’ data and other sensitive information.

With cyber attacks on public entities on the rise, ensuring a high level of data protection is more important than ever.

Today, the use of cloud solutions offers decisive advantages in terms of data security.

What is the cloud?

Cloud computing refers to access to various IT services, including infrastructure services (storage or computing resources), or application services (software), via the internet (the “cloud”).

In essence, a “cloud” is an environment that shares resources over a network. In the case of a cloud server, the data is hosted on a virtual environment that is shared between several servers located in different areas instead of being hosted on physical hardware as is the case with a dedicated server.

Advantages of the cloud server include the availability of computing and storage resources that can be easily scaled up or down and a lower investment in IT infrastructure due to the management of maintenance activities by the service provider.

Why the cloud?

So what about the cloud in terms of data protection?

The cloud provides access to advanced security services for protection against cyber attacks. Service providers are implementing comprehensive strategies to ensure cloud security. Cloud services for organisations typically include the following security features:

    – Access and identity management to authenticate users and control access to applications and data (barrier proxy servers).

    – Encryption of data so that it cannot be intercepted or accessed by unauthorised users.

    – Advanced monitoring to detect and prevent attacks (cyber monitoring of threats to the organisation, detection of malicious activity or policy violations and prevention of identified threats)

    – Vulnerability self-tests to identify and correct potential weak points in the cloud server.

    – Regular data backup (back up) to ensure that data is quickly restored in the event of data loss due to disaster, misuse, virus or other incidents.

    – Physical security of the equipment located in the supplier data centres ensured by various protection measures (security doors, alarms, protection against breakdowns, fires and other incidents…)

Any service provider must ensure that its cloud system meets security compliance requirements. Cloud security certifications demonstrate that the provider has implemented security levels that meet data protection requirements.

The cloud thus offers an extensive set of measures to ensure that data is protected from hacking and other threats, making it one of the most secure alternatives for hosting and processing sensitive data.

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