MCA Kale business management software logo

Why “MCA Kale” ?

Created in 2002, our MCA Kale management software has evolved continuously over the years and continues to expand today.

But why is it called ‘MCA Kale‘? And why was a green origami bird chosen to represent this software?

The name MCA Kale

While the “MCA” in “MCA Kale” obviously refers to the name MCA Concept, “Kale” is derived from the English language. Indeed, kaleis the word that English speakers have attributed to a variety of cabbage. Since the resurgence of this vegetable variety in our diet in recent years, the term kalehas also been adopted in the French vocabulary to designate it.

But why name a management software after a vegetable? On the one hand, because of the virtues of the latter. Kale is a superfood, meaning that it is an excellent source of essential nutrients. And that’s where the connection is made: just as kale is rich in nutrients that benefit our health, MCA Kale software is rich in features and promotes the administrative health of companies.

On the other hand, kale is a product of nature and reflects MCA Concept’s concern for the environment and the preservation of our planet. Our MCA Kale software helps the environment by contributing to less or no paper use. Furthermore, MCA Kale is based on a centralised server, thus avoiding the use of several different energy-intensive servers.

The MCA Kale logo

MCA Concept’s desire to put the environment first is also part of the reason for the design choice of the MCA Kale logo. Its bird shape and green colour are both symbols of nature. In addition, the green colour is reminiscent of kale.

However, the MCA Kale logo also evokes another essential part of the software. It specifically takes on the appearance of an origami bird. This origamidesign was chosen because, like one of those folded paper figures, MCA Kale is software that is handmade. The facets of the origami bird echo the different functionalities of MCA Kale. Each feature has been carefully developed to contribute to the evolution of the management software, just as each origami fold has been carefully crafted to shape the figure of the bird. And these features can be added, removed or adapted as required just as an origami fold can be made or unmade.

Logo of the MCA Colibri management software by MCA Concept

What about MCA Colibri?

MCA Colibri is our management software for the self-employed and craftsmen. Like “MCA Kale”, “MCA Colibri” partly takes the name of MCA Concept. “Colibri” for its part is the french word for the hummingbird, a bird that, despite its small size, moves with remarkable speed and precision. MCA Colibri may be smaller than MCA Kale, but like a hummingbird, it is extremely dynamic and accurate.

Like the MCA Kale logo, the MCA Colibri logo takes the form of an origami bird, to represent both MCA Concept’s commitment to environmental protection and the various features the software offers. The difference being that the MCA Colibri logo specifically represents the bird it is named after, the famous hummingbird.