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MCA Concept has developed MCA Kale, a scalable Swiss ERP | CRM | CMS software that allows you to organise your various processes and analyse your company’s needs in real time.

Over 20 years old, MCA Kale has evolved through the years to include the latest functionality to meet the needs of today’s businesses, whether it be for invoice management, payroll, accounting… The Swiss software continues to be improved in collaboration with MCA Concept’s many customers, for ever better performance and ergonomics. cept, pour toujours plus de performance et d’ergonomie.

MCA Kale includes a family of ERP, CRM and CMS software as well as complementary modules. In perfect communication, they make it possible to cover all the company’s activities in a single solution. From products and invoices to human resources to general and cost accounting, MCA Kale is omnipresent in facilitating and automating the company’s operational processes.

Easy to use and intuitive, it allows each user to evolve on the same platform, with different access rights depending on their function, and to share a single database. This makes working between your different departments more collaborative.

The software can support an unlimited number of users.

Tailor-made solutions

MCA Kale is available in a number of modular solutions for different industries, such as construction, property management and retail.

Multilingual and international

Swiss business management software, MCA Kale is also present internationally. Its users include several clients in other continents.

MCA Kale is available in four languages: French, German, Italian and English.

For all businesses

MCA Kale is suitable for companies of all sizes, from craftsmen and small businesses to large companies and SMEs.

Compatible with all operating systems

The compatibility of the management software with different OS’s allows you great flexibility.

MCA Kale is designed for all Apple, Windows, Android and Linux platforms.

The benefits of cloud computing

MCA Kale is cloud-based, allowing you to securely access your data from anywhere and from any device. No installation is needed.

MCA Kale software functionality flowchart

Key features of MCA Kale

Illustration of MCA-Kale Sales and Purchasing functionality

Purchasing and sales management

MCA Kale takes care of sales and purchases by ensuring, among other things, the monitoring of your various commercial transactions, the management of your products and services and the management of your customer and supplier relations. Customer or supplier information and various histories are compiled in files, automatically updated with each new transaction.

Thanks to the centralisation of data, you have a global view of your business.

Quotation and invoicing

The Swiss business software makes it easy to create an offer, a quotation, an invoice (ISR and QR invoices) and other business documents from predefined text templates and layouts.

Invoicing is simplified by the use of QR code invoices, which will permanently replace the current payment slips from 1 October 2023.

A single path from offer to collection: the necessary data is automatically established and transmitted at each stage to reduce the administrative burden. Digitalisation of the invoicing process speeds up the processing of your invoices and thus reduces collection times.

Illustration of MCA-Kale Invoice Quotation functionality
Illustration of MCA-Kale Stock management functionality

Stock management

MCA Kale tracks stock levels in real time for order and supply management to minimise stock-outs or overstocks. The logistic chain is controlled and the traceability of any stock entry or exit is guaranteed.

Accounting and finance

The Swiss software integrates general and cost accounting: it manages all inputs and outputs as well as expenses and allows for accounting and financial reporting. The management of VAT is integrated into the software according to the standards in force. The entry of entries is automated to save you time and reduce errors. Accounting and financial processes are simplified through single data entry, automatic calculations and direct tax transmission.

Dashboards and statistics allow you to keep track of your cash flow.

Illustration of MCA-Kale Accounting functionality
Illustration MCA-Kale Contact management functionality

Contact management

The MCA Kale solution allows you to create or import all your contacts to build your address book. It helps to establish and manage the company’s various relationships by ensuring the tracking of exchanges with the various contacts (customers, partners, employees, etc.). It compiles customer, supplier, employee and other contact information for processing and analysis. It also manages the automatic sending of emails and SMS to communicate relevant information to customers, employees and other contacts.

Project management

The management software allows the creation of various projects to more easily administer all operations related to a project or mandate and to manage the follow-up of offers, invoices and receipts.

The project planning system and the management of finances per project guarantee an optimal organisation and steering of each project with more visibility on different elements (tasks in progress or to be carried out, persons in charge, deadlines, expenses, …) for the control of costs and delays.

Illustration MCA-Kale Projects functionality
Illustration MCA-Kale Folders functionality

Management per folder

MCA Kale allows you to create folders to group data relevant to a customer, supplier, project or other item in one place. Among other things, this system provides centralised management of customers and suppliers so that any information needed to carry out a task is quickly available.


The management software includes an analysis tool that can quickly generate management and statistical reports from collected data. This functionality allows you to perform management control, for example by measuring sales performance and comparing it by period, to evaluate the financial situation of the company or to study customer preferences for your products or services. The various information provided helps you to make the best possible decision for the development of your business.

Illustration MCA-Kale Analytics functionality
Illustration MCA-Kale HR human resources functionality


The MCA Kale solution includes human resources management, including the creation of employee files, the administration of salaries and social security contributions, the creation and management of administrative documents such as insurance documents, contracts or work certificates and the organisation and management of staff schedules with the monitoring of working hours and absences.

Software modules

Three main blocks form the basis of the Swiss business management software MCA Kale: ERP, CRM and CMS. A multitude of additional modules enrich this base for a complete management.

MCA Kale is a customisable management solution, which means that the various existing modules can be added or removed from the software according to the specific needs of the company. You therefore benefit from a tailor-made and flexible management solution that can evolve over time.

Logo of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) module of MCA Concept software

MCA Kale ERP takes care of the management of financial flows, integrating a group of specific functions such as commercial management or accounting management. It centralises information in a single, shared database.

Logo of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module of the MCA Kale software

MCA Kale CRM manages relationships through a set of technical tools to capture, process and analyse information from customers, employees or other contacts. It ensures the monitoring of communications between the company and its various contacts and manages commercial tasks by project, client or other event.

Logo of the CMS (Content Management System) module of the MCA Kale software

MCA Kale CMS is intended for the design and dynamic updating of documents and content, such as form letters or dashboards. It allows you to create layout and text templates for any documentation, as well as to create questionnaires, surveys and online votes, and to create reports and statistics.

Logo for the Financial Project module of MCA Concept software

The Financial Project module provides project-based financial management, tracking the various costs and revenues associated with ongoing projects in a financial table.

Logo of the Reporting module of the MCA Concept software

The Reporting module allows you to quickly generate reports and statistics from data collected in the software.

Logo of the Planning (time management) module of the MCA Concept software

The Planning module manages the various schedules and agendas within the company, including project planning, appointments and events, and staff time.

Logo for the MRP (Manufacturing Resources Planning) module of MCA Concept software

The MRP module covers manufacturing resource planning, including hierarchical production, BOM and product life cycle management, and the calculation of material requirements and actual production costs.

Logo for the Reminder module of MCA Concept software

The Reminder module consists of sending automated reminders for all kinds of notifications (appointments, deadlines, etc.), whether to a software user or a contact such as a customer or supplier.

Logo of the Tracking module (geolocation) of MCA Concept software

The Tracking module makes it possible to geolocate any type of vehicle (bicycle, boat, construction machine, etc.) or equipment on a dynamic virtual map for workforce and equipment management.

Logo of the Booking module of MCA Concept software

The Booking module allows customers to make online reservations (appointments, equipment or accommodation rental, etc.) at a time that suits them from the company’s website.

Logo for the Form module of MCA Concept software

The Form module includes the creation of forms, whether they are questionnaires or surveys (customer satisfaction survey, market analysis, etc.) or application forms (after-sales service, grants, etc.).

Logo for the Guest Access module of MCA Concept software

The Guest Access module provides secure access to various information and documents for customers and other outsiders as well as for employees.

Logo of the Mailing module (Mailbox) of MCA Concept software

The Mailing module consists on the one hand of the integration of a mailbox in the software for sending documents and on the other hand of the management of mailing campaigns to communicate information to a large number of recipients.

Logo for the Letter Template module of MCA Concept software

The Letter Template module manages the design and edition of professional layout and text templates for all types of documents (letters, contracts, dashboards…).

Logo for the Process Guide module of MCA Concept software

The Process Guide module provides a space for the documentation of processes, procedures and work instructions (ISO, administrative…) to give employees access to a detailed guide to the actions required to complete various tasks.

Logo of the Cash Registrer module of MCA Concept software

The Cash Register module integrates a cash register with the management software for the management of retail sales.

MCA Concept software mobile application logo

The Mobile application, linked to the main modules of MCA Kale, allows the management of expense reports, the taking of orders for restaurants or the entry of material orders for maintenance or repair services directly from a mobile device.

Logo of the Web Service module of MCA Kale software

Through the Web Service module, MCA Kale can be connected to third party business applications, machines or an online shop.

Logo of the Shop module of MCA Concept software

The Shop module allows you to create an online shop (standalone or Woocommerce) or to integrate an existing e-commerce site into the software.

Logo of the Cloud module of MCA Concept software

The Cloud module provides a private and secure storage space for your documents, accessible online at any time according to access rights.

Software families

To meet the specific needs of companies operating in different fields of activity, industry-specific solutions have been built on the basis of MCA Kale. Each business software package integrates the business processes essential to the development and maintenance of the business.

MCA Kale mainly covers 8 business areas, with different management solutions. This will help you choose a solution that meets the specific needs of your business.

Logo of the MCA Concept Industry family of solutions.
Purple logo representing a shop with shopping baskets and a cadis
Logo of the MCA Concept family of Non-Profit solutions
Logo of the MCA Concept building solutions family
Logo of the MCA Concept City family of solutions
Logo representing a truck and a boat symbolising the logistics management applications
Logo of the MCA Concept Legal family of solutions
Logo of the MCA Concept Health family of solutions

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