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Support from the moment the software is implemented

A winning team

If you are familiar with the world of sailing, you will know that no skipper, no matter how good, could sail his boat without a team to assist them.

If they are the skipper and are in charge of steering, managing manoeuvres and giving instructions, they need mainsail and headsail crew to look after the sails and adjust them according to the wind and the boat’s position, a number 1 to manage everything that happens at the front of the boat and to inform their team-mates of the evolution of the wind and the waves, and a piano to manage the systems that allow the sails to be set and mounted on the mast.

In short, the skipper needs an efficient team with the knowledge and skills to carry out their tasks effectively to ensure that the yacht arrives safely.

When you take over MCA Kale, MCA Colibri or any of the business variations, you take the helm. You become the skipper, the only master on board. And to ensure that your journey is a smooth one and that you are a winner, the MCA Concept team plays the role of your crew by accompanying you as soon as the software is set up and by remaining at your side on a daily basis to assist you if necessary.

The experience acquired over the years in business development and organization enables MCA Concept to provide you with answers and advice quickly, and to adapt the software’s functionalities to your new needs at any time.


Experts work with you on the organisation of your company through, for example, the arrangement of product data, the construction of the chart of accounts or the definition of different roles and processes.

They also retrieve existing data, such as the list of your products, suppliers or customers, and import them into the software.

Getting started

The people in your company who will be using the software are trained to learn how to use the software and to master it from start to finish:

    – General use of software
    – Creation of quotations
    – Invoicing
    – Accounting management
    – And much more !

Day-to-day use

You benefit from technical assistance in the event of problems encountered, questions on how to use the software to carry out certain operations or questions relating to the management of your company’s accounts.


The MCA Concept team develops and implements new features and processes according to your expectations.

Your company is not static, it evolves over time, grows, which creates new needs. Your software must therefore follow this evolution.

MCA Concept’s developers work with you to implement new processes for improved performance and simplicity.


Through regular updates, experts check the functioning of the software and make any necessary revisions, further improve its ergonomics and offer you ever more advanced functionalities.