Technical and customer support

Every day MCA Concept improves and optimises MCA Kale for your comfort. Updates are made on a regular basis. For you, what’s important is having an up to date browser, no matter what platform you are using. MCA Kale’s developers are always pleased to assist you.

However, a problem can always arise. The MCA Concept team is at your side to solve your problem:

  • Bug in MCA Kale
  • Process improvement
  • Administrative (Accounting)
Illustration of MCA Kale telephone support of MCA Concept

Important information

Change in VAT Rate for 2024

Illustration of MCA Kale telephone support of MCA Concept

Telephone assistance

Initially, our support team will assist you by telephone and together we will try to identify your issues. In the majority of interventions, this approach will suffice to solve the problems encountered.

Illustration of the teamviewer tele-assistance system by MCA Concept
Illustration of MCA-Concept's tele-assitance via Skype

Remote support

However, if contact by telephone is not sufficient to solve the problem, we will use other supports to help you. Skype or TeamViewer tools will be useful to help you directly on your workstation.

We reserve an administrator access for remote technical support to intervene efficiently on your business’s MCA Kale version, which will allow us to act quickly within your software.

Illustration of training courses as a support of MCA Concept


In terms of learning how to use the software, accounting management and invoicing. We provide training courses for you and your employees.

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