MCA Kale’s customisable interface

We are committed to making MCA Kale more convenient for our partners: our software has been designed to make administrative management easier by allowing, among other things, more accurate and faster work and access to data at any time and any place.

However, working comfort also depends on the ergonomics of the management software in use. That’s why MCA Kale is designed for quick learning and simple and intuitive use. No installation required, a clear interface with quick and easy access to the different pages, and much more. However, if the practical aspect of the software is central to its comfort of use, its graphic aspect contributes just as much.

If you have to work on MCA Kale all day long, it is more pleasant for you to look at an interface that suits your taste. For this reason, we have chosen to equip MCA Kale with a customisable interface. Different display preferences are available to you when using MCA Kale.

A theme to suit your wishes

For example, the software has several theme options. MCA Kale defaults to a light theme, which has a white background and, apart from the titles, black writing, but you can opt for a dark theme instead, with a reversed colour scheme, i.e. a dark background and white writing. The dark theme is ideal for visually impaired users or those sensitive to bright light.

Colours to suit your company

You can also change the font colour of the titles and separators displayed on your interface. By default, these are blue and grey, but you can choose to put them in green, fuchsia, purple or other colours.

In addition, you can change the colour of the selection area. Change from blue to yellow to match the selection area to the rest of your interface. Hyperlinks can also be displayed in blue instead of the default grey for better visibility.

You can therefore benefit from an interface with colours adapted to your personal tastes or to the aesthetics of your company.

Different font sizes for better visibility

In addition, you can change the size of the text displayed on your screen. MCA Kale allows you to choose to enlarge or reduce the font size. Like the dark theme, this feature is particularly useful for visually impaired users.

Icons for software that reflects your company’s image

But best of all, MCA Kale gives you the ability to customise your interface by importing your own icons. Thus the MCA Kale interface can be accompanied by your company’s own corporate images. With the icons and colours of your company, you really make the software your own !

A work interface that fits you

In conclusion, with MCA Kale you not only have the pleasure of using a simple and intuitive software, but you also benefit from a customisable interface according to your preferences and your company. For a comfortable working environment at all levels.

To summarize

MCA Kale is committed to making work easier for Swiss companies by providing management software that facilitates administrative management, improves the accuracy and speed of processes, and provides access to data anytime, anywhere.

The ergonomics of the software are essential to ensure this comfort, and that’s why MCA Kale is designed for quick learning and simple, intuitive use, without the need for complex installation.

The software’s customizable interface lets users choose from several themes, colors, font sizes and even import their own icons, guaranteeing a working interface that matches every company’s preferences and aesthetic.

All in all, MCA Kale offers not only a high-performance management software package, but also an optimized user experience for a comfortable working environment at every level.

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