E-Invoicing as part of MCA Kale

Illustration of the operation of e-bill within MCA Kale

A new invoicing solution

Swiss invoicing is adopting a new face : the electronic invoice, or e-bill, is replacing the paper invoice.

As the name suggests, an e-invoice is an invoice that can be issued or received electronically.

Like the QR-invoice, the e-invoiceis part of the ongoing modernisation of payment transactions following the introduction of the ISO 20022 standard. And it brings with it many advantages:

Time saving

The invoicing process is simplified: no more printing, mailing, checking, entering and validating invoices, it is now just a few clicks away from secure invoicing. Invoices are automatically processed and archived and can be consulted at any time.


The current coronavirus epidemy is encouraging digitalisation ; physical contact must be reduced to a minimum in order to stop its spread. Reduce the amount of physical documents used by your enterprise is one way to achieve this. The e-invoice thus helps to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 as invoices are no longer passed from hand to hand.


E-biling makes teleworking easier because it allows you and your employees to easily access invoices from home from your various platforms.


Saving paper with e-invoice is good for the environment as it helps reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Federal Requirement

E-invoicing will soon become a federal requirement for all business relationships. Paper invoices will soon join faxes in museum galleries.

Switching to e-invoice now will take your company through the process of modernising payment traffic and make it ready for the changes of tomorrow.

Challenge : evolving in administration

Would you like to move to e-invoicing now ? MCA Concept, a partner who helps you to set up an agenda in the different stages of the digital transformation.

The right questions to consider :

    • Estimation of work volume
    • How to reorganise your administration to avoid falling into sticking-plaster solutions
    • Price evaluation


MCA Concept has developed the management software MCA Kale, a set of modules that are available to you in advanced technologies such as :

MCA Kale software logo depicting a large origami bird

Software for large companies

MCA Colibri software logo depicting a small origami bird

Software for freelancers and craftsmen

To summarize


The introduction of e-bill represents a major turning point in corporate financial management in Switzerland, marking a significant transition from traditional invoicing to a more efficient, electronic approach.

E-invoicing, in line with ISO 20022, offers a series of valuable advantages, including considerable time savings thanks to the simplification of the invoicing process, and a reduction in the risk of COVID-19 transmission by limiting physical contact.

It also facilitates teleworking, with easy access to invoices from anywhere. From an environmental point of view, reducing paper use helps to reduce companies’ carbon footprint.

What’s more, e-bill is set to become a federal requirement for all business relationships, making the transition to this method a necessity for Swiss companies.

To facilitate this transition, MCA Concept offers a complete management solution, MCA Kale, incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as e-invoicing and QR codes, providing efficient financial management in step with technological developments.

Switching to e-billing today prepares your company for the administrative challenges of tomorrow.