MCA Kale integrations

Integration with third-party software

There are a variety of other business management solutions on the market, such as Dynamics 365, Odoo Enterprise, SAP ERP, ProConcept or Bexio, Abacus, Winbiz, Crésus….

These solutions work very well, however, users may wish to enhance existing functionality or add additional features to further optimise their management.

To this end, MCA Kale offers various modules that can be used in addition to a third-party management solution.
If you already use one or more business applications in your company, it is perfectly possible to link one or more MCA Kale modules to these applications: MCA Kale integrates perfectly with any third-party software.

For example, if you have a CRM, such as Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Oracle, Odoo or SugarCRM, and you wish to reinforce it with a mailing campaign management for prospecting and marketing automation, you can integrate MCA Kale’s Mailing module into the existing CRM.

For another example, if you currently use an ERP, such as SAP ERP, ProConcept, Abacus Business Software or WInbiz, and you want to benefit from a CMS for the management and layout of documents, forms, statistics and other content, it is possible to integrate the MCA Kale’s CMS module to your ERP.

Data synchronisation between MCA Kale and your existing information system is straightforward for smooth use and optimised management.

Data recovery

In time, if you like MCA Kale and wish to migrate completely to MCA Concept for your management, our team can easily recover all your data to integrate them into MCA Kale, whether they come from Abacus, SAP, Winbiz, ProConcept…

It is entirely possible to carry out an audit beforehand to assess your various needs in order to define with you the solution that suits you.