The accessibility of MCA Kale

Ensuring that our clients are fulfilled in their work is one of MCA Concept’s top priorities. MCA Kale is designed to facilitate administrative management by, among other things, increasing work speed and accuracy and allowing easy access to data. All these elements contribute to the improvement of working comfort for you and your employees. But the practical use of software also plays a role in the search for optimal work comfort. And the user-friendliness of software is partly determined by its accessibility.

Over the years, we have noticed from working with many clients that some of them suffer from various vision impairments These impairments sometimes made it difficult for them to use the MCA Kale interface, for example, they had difficulty reading certain texts or could not distinguish items categorised by colour.

We have since then adapted MCA Kale to overcome these difficulties and continue to improve our software to make it more accessible. Thus, the MCA Kale interface has several display options for users with visual impairments or colour blindness.

Different font sizes for better readability

You can change the size of the text displayed on your screen, so that it can be either enlarged or reduced. No need to strain your eyes: if you find it difficult to read the default font, simply enlarge the font size to solve the problem.

Colours for better contrast

You can also change the colour of the titles and separators displayed on your screen. Green, purple, fuchsia… several colours are available. The colour of the selection area and hyperlinks can also be changed from blue to yellow and from grey to blue respectively. Although partly an aesthetic function, this allows visually impaired users to select the colours that are most visible to them.

Themes for more visibility

In addition, different interface themes are available. By default, the interface is displayed on a light background with, except for the titles, black text. But for better visibility, you can replace this display with a dark theme, which is presented as a dark background with white text. A more comfortable solution for visually impaired or light-sensitive users.

Colours and tags adapted to colour-blind users

MCA Kale also takes into account colour-blind users. Its interface can be adapted to their colour perception through a variety of colour choices. In addition, tags categorised by colour by default can be changed to be categorised by shape as well, allowing colour-blind users to distinguish them easily.

A continuous evolution

We have therefore increased the accessibility of the MCA Kale interface, so that any customer can comfortably use our software. We continue to work with our partners to ensure that any user can use MCA Kale and we are always ready to add new display options as required. For simple and enjoyable administration.