Technical characteristics of MCA Kale


An operating system (OS) is a set of programs that manage the activities of a computer device (computer, smartphone, etc.). It acts as an intermediary between the hardware components (processor, memory, screen, etc.) of the device, the applications (Microsoft Word, Firefox, Itunes, etc.) and the user. It is the OS that administers access to hardware resources, such as memory or storage, by the different applications to avoid interference or conflicts between them. It also has an interface that allows the user to interact with the computing device, so it is through the OS that a user and his computer for example can communicate.

The most common OSes are Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux and Android.

MCA Kale works with all Apple, Windows, Android and Linux platforms.


MCA Kale is available in 4 different languages, namely French, German, Italian and English. The software can easily be translated into other languages on request.


MCA Kale is available on computer, mobile, tablet and PDA.

Computer: an electronic machine that allows the processing of data.

Smartphone: a “smart” mobile phone that combines basic calling and messaging functions with other types of functions such as web browsing, email, video playback, video conferencing, geolocation or simple office automation. Many features can be added to a smartphone through third-party applications.

The tablet: an ultra-flat mini-laptop without a keyboard or mouse with a touch screen. It can be used to browse the Internet, access multimedia content, exchange emails, do light office work and more through downloadable applications.

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant): a handheld computer that serves as a personal assistant with functions such as calendar, task manager, address book, e-mail and messaging, but also other light office functions. Some PDAs also allow video and music playback.