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In over 20 years of experience, MCA Concept has had the pleasure of working with clients in the heating and sanitary sector, which has led us to be attentive to the specific needs of this field of activity. To best meet these different needs, we have developed MCA Flame, a software package dedicated to the heating and sanitary trades, characterised by specific functionalities capable of simplifying all operational, administrative and organisational processes.

Discover the benefits of MCA Flame here:

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The provision of mobile tablets facilitates the mobility of your technicians by allowing them to enter reports directly on site, while a customer area facilitates your exchanges with customers by giving them access to relevant information such as invoice history and satisfaction questionnaires.

  • Mobile tablets
  • Dedicated customer accounts

You can easily plan installation, maintenance and repair work as well as working hours thanks to precise appointment scheduling.

  • Management of installations, overhauls or maintenance work
  • Management of employee schedules
  • Shared agenda
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A tool with a billing system that makes it easy to manage services on a subscription basis, with the creation of quick and convenient maintenance subscription templates.

  • Subscriptions for technicians
  • Subscription invoices for customers
  • Maintenance contracts
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