Federal Requirement

As of April 1, all DI office providers will no longer be authorised to transfer paper invoices.

MCA Kale is certified by MediData to generate e-invoices for DI offices.

Electronic invoicing, or e-invoicing, will soon become a federal requirement for all commercial relations. Keeping your company up to date with the times ensures that it remains successful in a constantly changing market. The paper invoice will soon join the fax machine in museum galleries.

Challenge : evolving in administration

Would you like to move to e-invoicing now ? MCA Concept is the ideal partner to accompany you in your digital transformation and to help you set the right course of action.

The right questions to consider :

    • Estimating the workload: what will it take to implement e-invoice in your administration?
    • Administrative reorganisation: it is important to ensure that e-invoicing works in harmony with your administrative system so as not to fall into band-aid solutions
    • Price assessment: what is the budget needed for the transition to e-invoice?


MCA Concept has developed MCA Kale, a set of modules available to you through leading technologies such as :