From now on, MCA Kale and its variants can be interfaced with DMS solutions, thanks to the service providers with whom MCA Concept collaborates.

MCA Kale, ERP CRM CMS software and more, already manages the preparation and filing of documents in digital format. However, if your company has an existing DMS solution and you wish to maintain it while using MCA Kale, it is possible to connect the existing DMS solution to MCA Kale to support the storage and archiving of documentation.

A quick reminder about DMS…

The DMS, or electronic document management, allows you to dematerialise and archive the various documents of your company. Documents are handled by the DMS system, from their creation or scanning, storage, indexing, distribution, to archiving for the duration of the retention period.

Contracts, invoices, purchase orders, receipts… Any documentation can be integrated into the DMS system, whether it is a natively digital document or a paper document. A document in paper format will first have to be scanned in order to be dematerialised so that the DMS system can handle it in digital format.

Once in the system, documents are indexed so that they are well classified and can be quickly retrieved by system users. The classification can be organised according to different criteria: by date, by client, by reference number, by keywords, etc.

Stored documents are generally accessible from different terminals (computer, smartphone, tablets, etc.) and access rights are set up to define who is entitled to read or modify a document.

…and its advantages

DMS has several advantages, including :

    1) making it possible to find information almost immediately instead of having to rummage through filing cabinets because of a large volume of documents or badly classified documents,

    2) guaranteeing the traceability of documents throughout their use,

    3) freeing up physical space in the office as it is no longer necessary to keep hundreds of paper documents.