Let’s discover the advantages of moving to e-bill !

Feb 9, 2021 | E-bill | 0 comments

Administrative Challenge

Would you like to move into e-billing ? MCA Concept is the ideal partner to accompany you in your digital transformation and to help you set the right course of action.

If you are planning a transition to e-invoicing, first of all you need to consider the right questions :

    • Estimation of the work volume : what will be required to implement e-invoicing in your administration ?
    • Reorganisation of the administration: it is important to ensure that e-billing works in harmony with your administrative system and this involves reorganising it.
    • Price evaluation: which budget is needed for the transition to e-bill ?

E-bill – what are the advantages ?

Time saving

E-bill simplifies the invoicing process : no more printing, sending by post, checking, entering and validating invoices, it is now just a few clicks away and invoicing is done securely. Invoices are automatically processed and archived and can be consulted at any time.


The current coronavirus epidemy is encouraging digitalisation ; physical contact must be reduced to a minimum in order to stop its spread. Reduce the amount of physical documents used by your enterprise is one way to achieve this. E-bill also helps reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 since invoices are no longer passed from hand to hand.


E-bill facilitates the implementation of home-working by allowing you and your employees to easily access invoices directly from home using your different platforms.


Paper saving through e-bill is good for the environment as it helps to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.


MCA Concept has developed MCA Kale, a set of modules available to you in advanced technologies such as e-invoicing, QR code, direct integration in accounting or direct link to your website for appointment booking and planning management.

Federal Requirement

Swiss invoicing is adopting a new face : the electronic invoice, or e-bill, is replacing the paper invoice.

As of April 1, all DI office providers will no longer be authorised to transfer paper invoices. However, the change in invoicing does not only affect DI offices, e-billing will soon become a federal requirement for all commercial relationships. In the digital age, enterprises must evolve and adapt to remain performing in a constantly changing market. The paper invoice will soon join the fax machine in museum galleries.

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