MCA Seed-Academy, our support for your digitalisation

Digital transformation brings many benefits to enterprises, for example, it contributes to cost reduction and/or increased productivity and efficiency.

Unfortunately, thisdigital transformation or digitisation of businesses has often been built up “day by day” by gradually amalgamating technological innovations or new IT tools, resulting in reduced efficiency.

MCA Seed Academy was born from the observation of MCA Concept, a software publisher, that very often the wrong choices are made in the digitalisation of companies. Years of experience in the implementation of computerised processes have led MCA Concept to the conclusion that enterprises would benefit from support in their digital transformation in order to avoid errors, for example the choice of an unsuitable tool.

Through the MCA Seed Academy, we guide you in your digital transformation and offer you personalized, sustainable and efficient solutions for a successful digitalization.

No longer reserved for large structures, these solutions can be adapted to all kinds of organisations: from small VSEs to international SMEs, government institutions, foundations and associations.

MCA Seed Academy offers training to understand the challenges of digitalization for a company. During this training, you will learn about the various management software, as well as dematerialisation solutions (cloud, software, collaborative work platforms, etc.) and process optimisation.

A digital audit is also offered to you to identify flaws, organisational problems or unsuitable tools in your internal organisation.

If you would like to know more about MCA Seed Academy, or to receive support for your digital transformation, follow the link below: