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CMS : Content Management System
Electronic document management

Content management

Digital content management for easy organization of your documentation and simple editing of your content.

Polls and surveys

Creation and management of polls, surveys or questionnaires, in conjunction with the CRM for data collection.

Statistics and reports

Linked with reporting to generate dynamic reports and statistics in various forms.

A content management system or CMS is a family of software for designing and dynamically updating documents such as template letters, contracts, forms and dashboards.

It also allows you to generate reports and statistics through customer surveys or online polls.

Create your own templates for invoices, contracts, surveys or letters to be sent to customers and colleagues using
CMS tool
tool developed by MCA Concept. Optimise your customer service: simply identify the right questions to include in the customer service questionnaire to assess customer experience and user responses will be automatically collected and analysed in the connected CRM.

  • After-sales survey
  • Questionnaires, customer surveys, online voting
  • Standard letters, contracts, invoices
  • Reports and statistics
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Logo description of the MCA Kale CMS

Electronic document management

CMS Features

  • Template letters, contracts and dashboards, etc.
  • Questionnaires, customer surveys, online voting
  • Forms
  • Contract management
  • Document management
  • Reports and statistics
  • ERP and CRM cross-functionality
  • Document hierarchy
  • Statistics and graphics
  • Reporting table after survey
  • Event-based management
  • Integrated in a folder
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Software for large companies

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Software for freelancers and craftsmen

To summarize


Our MCA Kale CMS (Content Management System) is the ideal solution for efficient content management in Switzerland.

Whether you run a large company or are self-employed, our CMS software offers you a flexible content management system, perfectly integrated with our ERP and CRM solution.

It lets you easily create, organize and edit different types of content, such as form letters, contracts, forms and even dashboards.

Our CMS also facilitates the collection of customer data through online polls, surveys and questionnaires, seamlessly integrated with our CRM for simplified management.

You benefit from statistics and dynamic reports to analyze your customers’ responses.

Whether you need to manage document resources, generate reports after a customer survey, or prioritize your documents, our CMS offers a complete range of functionalities.

It promotes cross-functionality between your documents, your ERP and your CRM, simplifying your content management processes.

Whether you’re looking to create a professional website, manage your documents in the cloud or simplify your information management, our MCA Kale CMS solution adapts to your specific needs.

Our add-on modules offer even more possibilities to meet the diverse requirements of our users. Choose a reliable, flexible and efficient content management solution with MCA Kale for an optimal content creation experience, whether you’re a large enterprise or an independent contractor.