CAPM software for production management

Increase the efficiency of your SME – SMI or large company and control your deadlines with a precise planning of your production and logistics.

Logo representing a factory symbolising production management

For the manufacturing sector

The Industry family consists of a set of CAPM – Computer Aided Production Management – software for manufacturing companies.

Whether you manufacture watches, pharmaceuticals, textiles, food, automobiles… SaaS software supports production management for material processing.

In addition, each software package integrates the commercial management, from the creation of the offer to the invoicing, with also the customer service (SAV) for the return of goods or repairs.

Implement an ERP adapted to your company, taking into account all your needs according to the challenges of your business.

Manufacturing process

Production task scheduling, planning, supply management based on net requirement calculations… production management supported by automated processes.

Technical data

Bills of material (single and multi-level) as well as manufacturing and assembly routings are supported in the software.

Production analysis

Reports and statistics to analyse actual costs, production times, resources consumed, etc.

Logo representing a watch face with hands for watchmaking

Solution for watchmaking companies

Logo showing cogs symbolising precision mechanics

Solution for precision engineering

Key features of CAPM

Industrial beverage production planned with an erp cpma


Visualise your entire manufacturing process to monitor production status and actual costs. Help in managing your resources (recipes, ingredients, operators, machines, etc.) to maximise their use while minimising costs.

The CAM software integrates expiration dates and respects the FEFO (first expired, first out) principle for stocks.

Batch management ensures food traceability from the purchase of raw materials to the sale of the finished product. Trace an ingredient to the finished product, customer and sales details. Trace a finished product to find the ingredients used, associated orders with purchase details and suppliers.

Manufacture of a watch movement by a watchmaker


Carefully plan each stage of production, monitoring production times and costs. The MRP aspect of the CAPM software supports you in managing your resources through automated calculation processes.

Access all technical data of manufactured watches or raw materials. Detail in a product sheet the characteristics of an article, such as designation, unit of measurement, production range, etc.

Manage your production by case. All information relating to a project is gathered in one place (orders, material consumption, documentation, costs, etc.). The monetary view lets you compare the actual costs of the deal with the planned costs in real time.

Close-up of a laser cut of a part

Precision mechanics

Integrate your bills of material, operating ranges, products and components and materials into the CAPM software. Enter the technical data of your parts such as designation, unit of measurement, weight or commercial and logistic data.

Get a global view of your business. Monitoring of manufacturing operations, costs incurred, materials consumed, etc. The MRP module supports you in calculating the quantity of materials required for production, for production planning and for supply management.

Monitor the status of your machines with the analytical aspect of the software. Review the production rate per machine or recorded downtime to plan the maintenance of your equipment.

Operators cutting metal according to the production planning of the CAPM software


Manage all technical data (ranges, bills of material, etc.) in a collaborative work platform. The software assists you in calculating the material requirements for manufacturing, based on the dimensions and characteristics of the part.

Manage your supplier purchases by incorporating the parameters set (quantities, rates applied, transport times, etc.). Procurement is carried out by the MRP module according to stock levels and demand.

Plan preventive maintenance for your machines based on detected downtime. Statistics allow you to review your current or past productions to analyse production levels, downtime per machine, etc.

Pharmaceutical manufacture of ampoules


Manage all manufacturing data: specifications, formulas, packaging instructions, procedures, etc. Generate compliant drug labels and prescriptions.

Establish all manufacturing steps with the assistance of an intuitive planning tool. Calculation of resource requirements according to orders, calculation of costs based on past production and current prices, etc. Dematerialised processes make your production more reliable.

Keep the manufacturing history. The software integrates upstream and downstream batch traceability. For example, retrace the path of a finished product to identify the raw material used and then find all the batches containing this material.

Man working with textiles in his workshop


Control production in real time, in-house or outsourced. Plan all workshop operations and monitor their progress. The software helps you calculate the raw materials consumed for each item manufactured.

Manage your items and materials by integrating variants (colour, size, depth, model, fabric, etc.). Stock management allows you to know in real time your stock levels in your workshop as well as your possible warehouses.

For each case, combine the sales order, supplier purchases, production orders, quotation, invoices, schedule, etc. View costs per case and compare actual costs with projected costs.

To summarize


CAPM software offers essential solutions for production management in a wide range of industrial sectors, from food processing and precision mechanics to watchmaking, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals and textiles.

These tools enable companies in Switzerland and elsewhere to control their manufacturing processes, optimize the use of resources, control costs and ensure complete product traceability.

Production management is facilitated by automated processes, detailed production analyses and essential functions such as planning, inventory management and supplier purchasing. This enables companies to increase their operational efficiency, meet customer requirements and maintain their competitiveness in the marketplace.

Implementing a CAPM ERP adapted to each company is essential to meet the specific challenges of each business sector, and to guarantee accurate and efficient production management.

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