KALE LCA-590 for Health Complementary Medicine

As you know, on 1 January 2018, a new invoicing process will be started on a obligatory basis to ensure transparency and speed in the processing of invoices by the health insurance funds in accordance with standard 590.

Accredited by the health insurance funds, MCA Concept now offers you its new billing system for complementary medicine KALE LCA-590.

MCA Concept is an experienced player in the field of integrated management software packages (MCA-ERP): software that integrates accounting, expense reports and invoices managed by mobile phone, guaranteeing speed and avoiding the need to handle your tickets several times, which is a considerable time saving. Disconcertingly simple, the year-end closing is easy.

As of today, various product and service packages according to your size or requirements are available in a pragmatic way. Request a no-obligation demo today to discover the new generation of software for optimised governance.

Today, the innovative software proposed allows you to access all your data on any type of support and to transmit information quickly to your suppliers or customers, giving you a global view of your activities.

Other modules are available: you can also save your accounting and legal documents in the form of online services such as a digital cupboard.

The mobile module allows you to manage your tickets (expense claims) via smartphone in just three clicks. Vous alimenterez ainsi vos journaux de comptabilité et archiverez vos pièces dans le cloud.

The use of this software is very easy to access. All you have to do is open your favourite Internet browser, enter the website address that MCA Concept will have provided you and log in with your username and password that MCA Concept will have sent you.

Once you have entered your login and password, you can access to your activity dashboard. In the “Sales” section, you can start entering your new customer by associating quotes and invoices. In just one click, you can specify whether the invoice has been paid. Until it has been paid, the customer concerned is displayed in a “Reminders” list, which allows an automatic reminder e-mail to be sent to the latecomer.

The “Purchasing” section works in the same way. A list of companies appears, which you can associate invoices with the amount and due date.

VAT management is automated. The taxes collected are calculated on the basis of your invoices. Finally, the Payment methods section lists your bank accounts. After entering a “creditor” invoice, you will consult your balance and make transfers from the DTA, OPAE online accounting service.

Generate PDF files, including summary tables of payroll deductions ! Automate the management of salary slips through online tools that help you manage the activity of all your collaborators. Under the “Salaries” section, the “Add an employee” button is used to fill out the form for each of your employees. Here you can specify their basic salary and their type of contract. The entry of the variable part of your employees’ salary (overtime) is automated. At the end of the month, in the “My Documents” section, you will find a PDF file containing all the pay slips, updated with the current rates and social contributions. Then, you can print them out and give a copy to your employees.

The software detects the content of these documents in order to reference your customers and suppliers, and even the amounts of their invoices. You will then feed your accounting journals and archive your documents in the cloud.

Take time, and time will pay back!

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