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Flow organization – Software consolidation – Digital transformation,

Well-organized flows (financial, administrative, information, etc.) within the company, supported by the right processes, contribute to high-performance business.

A lack of cohesion in workflows, an absence of processes or unsuitable process integration is often costly in terms of time and money.

An analysis of your company’s workflows can tell you whether your flow management is inconsistent and hampering your performance, or whether it’s working perfectly.

This analysis is mainly based on an organization chart listing and diagramming your company’s various flows, and the players interacting with each of them.

Depending on the outcome of the analysis, it may be necessary to review the processes involved in flow management to ensure greater fluidity.

To provide you with all the analysis tools you need to examine your company’s workflows, as well as advice on the solutions you need to put in place to ensure organized, consistent workflows.

An assessment of your bookkeeping: are there any operations where you could save time through automation and the adoption of digital tools?

To simplify your company’s accounting, for example, you can automate the management of your recurring entries. In other words, if standing orders have been given to a bank, it is possible, thanks to software supported by artificial intelligence, to automate the entries.

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