Construction management software

Manage construction work by creating detailed, compliant estimates, meticulously planning each site operation and monitoring project costs in real time.

Logo showing a wall under construction symbolising construction management

For the building and public works sector

The SaaS solutions of the Building family have been designed for construction project management and site monitoring.

Whatever the role of your company in the management of construction sites, there is a solution that will meet the specific needs of your trade.


Detailed planning for work management. Define tasks, allocate resources and monitor site progress, while remaining attentive to deadlines.

Quotes and invoices

Automated processes simplify the creation of quotes and invoices (partial invoices, down payments, final invoices).

Mobile access

A mobile app for your field teams: quote entry, daily report, incident report, access to planning and files.

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Software dedicated to construction professionals

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Solution for heating and sanitary engineers

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Software for property management

Advanced features for construction management

Architect and his team consulting a plan for the management of construction works


Create your tender documents containing all the characteristics of the construction project. Import your plans, written documents, etc. directly into the software. Group the applications into folders for presentation to the client.

Distribute tasks between your teams (architect, designer, etc.) in collaborative schedules. Hours are entered via TimeSheet or pointage to simplify payroll management and job progress monitoring.

Generate your invoices on the basis of time spent, construction costs or a fixed price agreed with the client. Manage advance payments by means of a down payment or partial invoices.

Tiler who has finished tiling on a site


Easily draw up your estimates according to services, supplies, labour, etc. Define rates by hourly rate, square meter, flat rate, and add any discounts you may have.Examine costs per project in a financial table to control your budget. Analyse the profitability of your projects by comparing the costs of past projects.

Enter the tasks to be carried out in a user-friendly schedule with defined deadlines. To help you stay on schedule, alerts inform you when a deadline is about to be missed. The schedule can be adjusted at any time to take account of unforeseen circumstances.

Carpenter working on a roof structure on a construction site


Create transparent estimates that take into account the supplies, services and labour required to complete a job. Prices calculated automatically by fixed rate or hourly rate depending on requirements.

Organise the tasks in the schedule according to the deadlines and keep an eye on the progress of the project. Track your project expenses (materials, labour, etc.) in real time.

Take advantage of statistics and reports to examine the problems encountered during your past work, the performance of your teams, the invoices made during a given period, etc.

Technician repairing a sink with various tools in front of him

Heating and Sanitation

Schedule installation, overhaul or maintenance services and track progress in a collaborative schedule.

Easily invoice your interventions and spare parts on the basis of pre-set rates. Maintenance contracts can be invoiced as annual subscriptions to simplify payment management.

For more mobility, your technicians have a mobile application. They can access the worksheets and planning, draw up estimates or write reports in the field. The app also allows them to order spare parts directly on site from supplier catalogues.

Workers grouped around site plans in front of a building under construction


Supervise multiple sites with project-based work management. Organize the tasks required to complete a site, allocating resources (workers, machinery, etc.) and defining deadlines.

Follow the progress of your construction work by keeping a history of the operations carried out. The costs of each project are summarised in a financial table (employees, subcontractors, supplies, additional costs, etc.). Compare your actual budget in detail with your planned budget.

Your workers can use a mobile application to fill in their reports directly in the field and access their work sheets. Schedules can be shared to coordinate operations.

Electrician checking the wires of an electrical box on a construction site


Produce compliant estimates in no time at all, according to the work to be carried out, the supplies, the hourly or fixed price, etc.

Thanks to the schedules, the project manager assigns each job to the right technician. They also define the supplies and equipment needed for the task. They ensure that the work is carried out correctly by monitoring its progress in a Gantt chart. Flexible schedules mean you can adjust them at any time

Time management is done through worksheets and TimeSheet. Your electricians enter their hours and reports in the mobile app. The information is then instantly transmitted to the offices for salary administration.

Key on a front door symbolising property management

Real Estate Management

Record all the information about your buildings in index cards. Address, contact details of caretaker, manager, owners, list of rental properties with details, insurance and maintenance contracts. The software keeps a history of maintenance work carried out on each building.

Compile tenant data as well. Contact details, bank details, lease agreement, inventory of fixtures, etc. Track payment deadlines for each tenant, with alerts for late payments.

Simplify the management of maintenance requests by providing access to a request form from your website. The implementation of a customer portal allows tenants to access their lease contract, inventory of fixtures, bills, etc. online.

Mason building a brick wall on a construction site


In the field or in your office, create compliant quotes with a professional layout. Manage the different aspects of invoicing from each offer: advance payment, partial invoices, final invoice.

Determine the amount of material needed for a construction project based on past construction history. The software integrates the management of supplier details and catalogues to simplify the ordering of materials.

Track all expenses and revenues related to the project in a summary table. Identify budget variances between forecast and actual through the analytical aspect of the software.

Carpenter making furniture for installation after construction work


Easily create a detailed quotation by selecting the product and the various manufacturing parameters. Material, volumes, linearity, type of installation, etc. Benefit from precise costing based on the characteristics of the product to be manufactured.

Use the schedule to plan your work, taking into account the deadlines to be met. The monetary view gives you an overview of the expenses and revenues related to each project. Management reports allow you to compare different past projects in order to optimise your future project planning.

Manage your accounting with ease thanks to automated calculation and data entry processes.

Painter preparing his brush on a building site

House painter

Group all the data relating to a project by project: address of the work site, client and supplier details, estimates, invoices, photos, contracts, etc. The information is centralised so that you have all the relevant information available quickly.

In just a few clicks, you can create an estimate based on hourly rates, rates per square metre or flat rates, taking into account the services, materials used, labour, etc. Generate progress, partial or final invoices from your quotation.

Check your stock levels in real time, place orders with your suppliers according to the work in progress and the minimum stock level defined.

Locksmith installing a secure lock on a door


Plan interventions and assign tasks and missions to your technicians from the schedule, according to their situation and availability. Adjust the schedule at any time.

Gain in reactivity by using the tracking system to know the position of your teams. When a new request is made, assign the job to the locksmith closest to the customer. The software keeps track of the routes taken in order to optimise the trips : choose the right route to reach the customer more quickly.

Provide your teams with a mobile application. They create quotes from their application, write reports and access all the information they need.