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Logo of the Planning (time management) module of the MCA Kale software
Logo du module Reporting (Rapport) du logiciel MCA Kale
Logo of the Cash Register module of the MCA Kale software
Logo of the mobile application software MCA Kale
Logo du module Cloud du logiciel MCA Kale
Logo du module Web Service du logiciel MCA Kale

All our softwares have a common module base. The main modules are ERP, CRM and CMS. In addition to these basic modules, we also provide the shop and its management.

The ERP manages all the business’s financial flows, starting with purchases from suppliers, inventory management and sales. However, it also manages the financial aspect of human resources.
CRM, for its part, enables the capture, processing and analysis of information from customers, suppliers and employees.
The CMS is document-oriented, it is used to create and update documents in a dynamic way. It can also be used to generate reports and statistics.

These main modules, as well as secondary modules such as planning, cash register, mobile and reporting, are all interconnected and communicate perfectly.

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