E-Billing as part of MCA Kale

Deadline for AI offices on 31 March 2021?

As of April 1, all DI office providers will no longer be authorised to transfer paper invoices.

MCA Kale is certified by MediData to generate e-bills for DI offices.

Electronic invoicing, or e-billing, will soon become a federal requirement for all commercial relations. It is therefore imperative that companies evolve and adapt according to the times to remain efficent in a constantly changing market. The paper invoice will soon join the fax machine in museum galleries.

Challenge : evolving in administration

Would you like to move to e-billing now ? MCA Concept, a partner who helps you to set up an agenda in the different stages of the digital transformation.

The right questions to consider :

    • Estimation of work volume
    • How to reorganise your administration to avoid falling into sticking-plaster solutions
    • Price evaluation


MCA Concept has developed MCA Kale, a set of modules available to you through leading technologies such as :

    • E-bill
    • QR code
    • Direct integration in accounting
    • Direct link to your website for appointment booking and planning management

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