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CMS : Content Management System
Electronic document management

A content management system or CMS is a family of software for designing and dynamically updating documents such as template letters, contracts, forms and dashboards.

In addition, it allows you to generate reports and statistics based on customer surveys or online surveys.

Logo description of MCA Kale's CMS content management system

Electronic document management

CMS Features

  • Template letters, contracts and dashboards, etc.
  • Questionnaires, customer surveys, online voting
  • Forms
  • Contract management
  • Document management
  • Reports and statistics
  • ERP and CRM cross-functionality
  • Document hierarchy
  • Statistics and graphics
  • Reporting table after survey
  • Event-based management
  • Integrated in a folder
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Ideal for 1 to 3 users

Our software MCA Colibri :
– Adapted to the needs of artisans or entrepreneurs looking for optimal management, making recurring processes easier for them with automated functionalities.
– Automatic processes save time and provide good visibility.

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Ideal for more than 3 users

Our software MCA Kale :
– Ideal for enterprises having well-defined positions with different levels of access according to user roles.
– More advanced modules such as planning and reporting.

Logo of the MCA Software range, developed by MCA-Concept

Specific software by field of activity

Our range of specialised software :
– A more adapted solution for well-defined trades. Come and discover the different softwares and their possible applications.
– Specific modules for each profession covered by a software package

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