MCA Concept values

The values of MCA Concept have been established since its creation in 1996. They are inspired by our worldview of innovation, collaboration and professional development. These values represent who we are, how we operate and our work and are essential pillars for the development of our organisation and our people.

Everything we do is rooted in five core values: integrity, commitment, simplicity, precision and benevolence.

Logo MCA Concept nos valeur : intégrité, engagement, simplicité, précision, bienveillance


We guarantee the integrity of our clients’ data over time. We are also committed to respecting the confidentiality of this data. Swiss know-how in data centers is as much about discretion as it is about precision, which provides our customers with long-term stability.


We are committed to supporting companies through :
– the development of software adapted to everyday needs as well as data backup.
– a daily presence and quick responses
– providing answers with relevant solutions to our clients’ needs.


We improve the ergonomics of our software for greater simplicity. We listen to our customers and collaborate with them in the evolution of our software to achieve optimal ease of use and working comfort.


We make sure that our clients’ data is well arranged to ensure more accurate information. Data in the right place and delivered at the right time adds value to the information and thus contributes to its accuracy.


We care about our customers and are committed to maintaining the relationship of trust established with them over time. Our desire to increase our clients’ performance becomes a mark of loyalty with our clients.


” Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication “

Leonardo Da Vinci