Transport management software

Gain responsiveness by viewing all your data in real time from a single work platform, and quickly create quotes, invoices and other documents related to your commercial and logistics management.

Logo representing a truck and a boat symbolising transport management

For the transport and logistics sector

The Transport family of solutions addresses the needs of all departments that include fleet management.

This may include road, sea or air freight transport, the sale or hire of bicycles, repair and maintenance services for cars, lorries, bicycles and other vehicles, or the management of boat moorings.

Supply Chain

These SaaS solutions optimise your supply chain, notably by allowing you to manage your stocks by warehouse and by integrating the management of supplier catalogues.

Fleet of vehicles

Complete management of your vehicles, from the creation of technical data sheets to maintenance planning, including the history of maintenance, sales, trips, etc.

Order tracking

Order picking is facilitated by the automation of the management of physical flows.

Logo showing a person on a bicycle symbolising bicycle management

Software for bicycle shops and workshops

Logo showing a car symbolising garage repair services

Solution for car, motorbike and other vehicle garages

Logo representing a truck symbolising transport and goods management

Software for freight transport services

Logo representing the sails of a pleasure boat

Solution for marinas

Logo representing a warehouse for the storage of goods

Software for the management of storage sites

Logo representing a parking space for parking management

Dedicated fleet management solution

Advanced features for managing your services

Close-up of a person riding a mountain bike

Workshop / Bike shop

Whether you sell, repair or rent bikes, organise your inventory in the software. List technical data by item by assigning categories (model, year, condition, type of bike, etc.).

View available stocks of bikes, accessories or spare parts in real time. The software alerts you to low stock levels, depending on the sale, rental or intervention to be carried out.

Manage interventions, rentals or appointments in a dynamic schedule. The software keeps a history of events by vehicle and customer.

Employee taking inventory of goods stored in a warehouse


Manage the warehousing of goods in multiple storage locations, whether it be freight forwarding services or warehouse stocks.

View each warehouse, by floor and department, based on a detailed map of storage locations. Select the assigned locations to view information on stored items, such as technical data or associated customers.

Follow up orders by gathering customer data and documents (delivery notes, invoices, etc.) by file. The software records the movement of goods to ensure traceability.

Mechanic working on a car in their workshop


Enter the technical and commercial information of your vehicles in product sheets (vehicle registration, dimensions, prices, etc.). The software compiles the history of each vehicle (repairs, owners, etc.). It also collects documents such as the driving licence or the technical inspection.

Online appointment booking simplifies the management of your calendar. Use the planner to schedule maintenance, assign tasks to workstations and track the progress of various operations.

Worksheets, contracts, invoices and other administrative papers… create compliant and professional documents in a few clicks.

Cars lined up in an underground car park


Manage your parking spaces from a detailed map of your car park. In the interface, hover over a parking space to get information about the vehicle and the associated owner. A visual overview of the availability of your parking spaces.

Define your rates per seat, customer or season. The software automatically generates invoices according to the rental period. You can also set up your reminders to be sent automatically in the event of an unpaid invoice.

Create attractive communications to inform your tenants of any changes in regulations, new installations, maintenance work, etc.

Marina with a variety of boats


Generate your rental berths on a detailed map of your port. Link place, boat and customer to manage all rental data in one file. The software allows you to view information about a berth directly from the harbour map.

Automate the creation of invoices by configuring your rates by type of place, type of boat, tenant, etc. The software will generate invoices according to the rental period and the specified parameters.

Statistics inform you of the high and low traffic periods and the habits of your boaters.

Goods container terminal for logistics transport management

Goods transport

Generate compliant documents for your shipments (waybill, customs document, etc.) in a few clicks. List your vehicles, carriers and customers in the database so you have the information you need for each shipment.

Prepare the routes for the delivery of goods in the schedule by defining the deadlines, the driver and the associated vehicle. The software keeps a trip history with the route taken and the un/loading times.

Use tracking to follow the routes of your carriers on a virtual map. This system allows you to quickly adjust a route in case of traffic jams or other unforeseen events.

To summarize


These transport management software packages offer a complete solution for logistics companies in Switzerland.

Thanks to a single work platform, companies can monitor all their sales and logistics management data in real time, simplifying the creation of quotations, invoices and other essential documents.

Whether for road, sea or air freight transport, vehicle fleet management, bicycle rental, car repair services or boat mooring management, these SaaS solutions cover a wide range of services.

They optimize the supply chain by integrating inventory and supplier catalog management, offer complete vehicle fleet management with automated order tracking, and facilitate the management of goods warehousing across multiple sites.

In addition, they enable companies to list technical and commercial information about their vehicles, simplify online appointment booking for garages, manage parking spaces in parking lots, and generate rental mooring spaces for marinas.

In short, these software packages offer a full range of advanced features for managing transport-related services, improving the efficiency of companies in this sector.

To find out more and request a demonstration, please contact us.

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